linkedin profile development

Whether you’re currently unemployed or you have a job and are starting to covertly look for a new one, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for you. Recruiters are constantly searching on the platform to find the candidates they think would fit the opportunity they have available. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way, your name will show up in the searches more often than not. Simply having a profile isn’t good enough nowadays, so working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer can help take yours to the next level.

Complete Your Profile

During your LinkedIn profile development, you’ll see a status bar on the right hand side of the page telling you how complete your profile is. Follow the basic steps to make your profile 100% complete. The reason is because completed profiles are more visible in searches, and will be more attractive to recruiters. Sometimes you might only get to 85 or 95%. Don’t sweat it if that is where you are at. Often times, LinkedIn wants you to include things that just don’t make sense to add (in my case… early experience that was basically waitressing while in college).

Think About What Recruiters Search For

Once you’ve completed the basics of your LinkedIn profile development, it’s time to take it to the next level. Using keywords and buzzwords relevant to your job or industry throughout your profile will make your profile show up more often in searches. One secret I’ve learned from recruiters is they often don’t search for job titles, since titles can vary among different companies. Instead, recruiters search for specific skills and expertise, so those are more important than trying to match a title to what you think a recruiter wants to see. While you want to make sure all of your skills are displayed, you also want to make sure the text in your profile flows naturally.

Always Develop Your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn may indicate your profile is complete, you should always look for ways to develop and enhance it. A professional LinkedIn profile writer may suggest being active on your profile at least weekly or more often if you’re in the middle of a job search. This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul, but it could simply mean joining a new relevant group and making new connections in the group. There are many ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and all of them are important for attracting the attention of recruiters. Make sure that even if you become employed, you stay active on LinkedIn meaning commenting or posting. You don’t want to neglect your network, you want to nurture it.

Professional Resume Services looks at the big picture of job searches, while also focusing on the tiniest details. Your executive resume is a critical part of your job search, but LinkedIn is quickly becoming equally important. With the competition for high-level jobs being at an all-time high, attracting recruiters is more critical now than ever before. No matter where you’re at in your job search, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any advice or tips.