Hate to keep harping on your Social Media presence, but it’s one of the most important things to look at during your job search. Many job applicants think that Social Media is all fun and games, and while it certainly has those aspects, it’s also a great tool to showcase yourself. However, putting forth the wrong image could cost you dearly.
Do you think HR Managers are not Googling your name, Facebook stalking you or reviewing your LinkedIn profile? If you answered “no”, you’re absolutely wrong. Think of the first thing you do when you meet someone new…you take a look at their online profile. Nothing wrong with that, the information is there for anyone to see. So, why would that stop HR Managers from checking up on prospective employees?
It doesn’t. HR Managers look at everything and if you have one embarrassing, drunken photo on your Facebook wall, they will see it and judge you accordingly. No one said it was fair, but that public photo is fair game.
So, how do you compete in the Social Media space? What can you do to pump up your online presence without destroying your good social standing? Find out below:
1. Allow access to only certain people:
Facebook allows you to block access to people who are not your friends and even filter out your posts, links and other media. LinkedIn only gives access to people who request it. Keeping your account setting private means you are insulated and safe from prying eyes of HR Managers.
2. Update your profile pictures in order to keep a professional appearance:
When you’re looking for a job, one of the first things people see when they Google you are your Social Media photos. What are you doing in yours? Are you wolfing down a piece of cake with chocolate covering your face or are you dressed in a nice suit, showing your finest business attire? You think people don’t look at this, but you’re absolutely wrong. They place a huge amount of consideration into how you present yourself. Present the wrong image and you’re finished.
3. Update your work history:
Make it known on Social Media sites that you are actively looking for employment. You would be surprised with the amount of people who will come forward with job tips, advice or just general care. Updating your work history also opens up avenues for future employment because HR Managers can see your list of skills, accomplishments and awards. HR Managers are looking over your LinkedIn profile, so take pride in it.
4. Add more friends:
This is especially true for LinkedIn. See a job you want, look up someone who works for the company and see if you have a secondary connection with them. If so, ask your friend to introduce you to his/her colleague and begin talking about the open position.
Pumping up your Social Media presence is all about making yourself available and putting your best foot forward. It’s not hard, you just have to craft the right image. The better you present yourself and your skills in Social Media venues, the better off you will be.