Resume, I Quit!
You have applied to the most important job of your executive career. This is the job you have been working towards for years. You have done everything right.
Then, you find out you are passed over because a reference on your shiny new executive resume came back in a bad light. What? How could that be!
You forgot all about the confrontation you had a few years back with a supervisor that you just could not get along with. Words were exchanged and you quit abruptly. At the time, you were not worried about it as you got a better job within a week.
Now, it’s come back to haunt you. Hindsight is golden, so the saying goes. If we could see into the future at the time we make mistakes, we wouldn’t make those mistakes, right? Right. But we can’t, so we burn bridges that we shouldn’t.
It’s very important not to burn bridges in any job, but especially if you are climbing the ladder to an executive position. It will return to haunt you because no employer wants someone who is hotheaded and cannot control themselves.
Be sure your executive resume is not going to have burnt bridges popping out when you least expect it. If the position has to be on your resume, then be sure to speak with the company that you had the conflict with and make sure they are willing to give you a good reference. Many times they will, as long as you are taking the right steps to work through it.
Additionally, speaking with a resume writing service and getting counseling from them on how to proceed will go a long way in helping with your executive resume and you during the interview process.