There are jobs, and then there are things you love to do—that you wish were jobs. But do you know how to get paid for doing what you love to do, not just a piddling boring job?

Believe it or not, being paid for something that you love to do is entirely possible. You simply have to find a way to do it, and, with some careful planning, you can do it.

First, decide what it is you love to do. Is it knitting, carpentry, or even computer work? Some people love to plan and cater events; others love to provide rides for people.

Once you have decided what it is that you want to do, start to look at it as something that you might like as a job—to build into a business. What supplies and/or tools will you need? Will you need a vehicle, or not? Start to look around at possible places to get your supplies at a cheaper rate than you might at the local stores. Discount stores exist, and even if they are not nearby, perhaps it would be worth the cost of shipping to have the supplies sent to you.

Your potential customer base is another issue to think about. Consider what it is that you are going to be doing, and decide how many people would pay you for it.

Event planners, for example, are absolutely needed in cities like New York City or Washington, DC. However, the need for an event planner may not exist in Gold Coast, Oregon. Be aware of the need for your skill.

Now that you do know how to get paid for doing what you love—or the basics of it—consider some finer points. Advertising yourself so that your business will do well can be an issue. Whether your advertising will cost a lot to begin with is up to you.

Should your business be something like a virtual assistant, take advantage of cheap online directories to advertise yourself. Go to freelancing sites to find jobs that you can bid on to start out as a virtual assistant, and build your resume’.

Classified ads in the newspaper will work—but only in your local area unless you use a major newspaper. Consider other options as well.  If you are going to want to do one-on-one work, such as driving for people, don’t forget to employ word-of-mouth as a resource.

Take advantage of using the people that you know for suggestions. Do they know someone that needs a driver, or an event planned, and would be willing to recommend you?

Build a website, pure and simple. Use it so that you can know more about how to build to get paid for doing what you love. If you are willing to come to someone’s home to fix their computer, tell about your skills and prices for your help on the website. Add a blog to it, to chronicle your experiences.

Being paid for something that you love isn’t too hard—you just have to plan it out well. Dig in with some determination as well, and success will be yours.