These Work Behaviors Could Cost You Your Job

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Your workplace behaviors can play a large role in shaping your career. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, if you have poor workplace habits and are difficult to work with, then you won’t reach the career levels you desire. When writing cover letters for resumes, it can be valuable to demonstrate positive work behaviors, but then you have to back them up while on the job. Here are some of the most common workplace behaviors that could derail your career.

executive resume writerParticipating in Gossip

No one likes a gossiper except for a gossiper themselves. However, gossip is inevitable in a workplace since you spend most of your day with the people in your office. It’s important to be social with your co-workers, but choose your conversations wisely. A gossiper is generally seen as an untrustworthy person, so you don’t want to fall into that category.

Taking Personal Calls on Company Time

What if your executive resume writer took a personal phone call as they were helping you write the perfect resume? This not only appears to be unprofessional, but it is also a distraction for other people. Not to mention your work production would decrease if you’re constantly answering personal calls or texts throughout the day. Answering an occasional text message in an emergency usually isn’t a problem, but if it can wait until the end of the day or your next break, then hold off on answering it.

Unwillingness to Learn New Things

When writing a professional resume, you have to demonstrate your willingness to learn new things. Whether it’s multiple roles or learning a new technology, your desire for growth will be evident in the workplace. As such, if you are unwilling to learn new things, people will take notice as well. And if this behavior continues, you’ll not only be passed up for promotions and raises, but you could lose your job as well.

Doing Too Much

An executive resume writer always tries to limit the job duties on your resume to the most relevant ones impacting your company. A common workplace behavior is multitasking too much. When you do too many jobs at one time, you won’t be great at any of them. Before your work product begins to suffer, talk to your boss about shifting responsibilities so you don’t earn a bad reputation for doing poor work.
Professional Resume Services understands the importance of workplace behaviors when it comes to getting and keeping jobs. You can demonstrate your typical workplace behavior when writing cover letters for resumes, but you also have to backup your words with actions. For more information on this topic or anything related to resumes or job searches, feel free to contact us at any time.