executive profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is important for executives today. Networking is such a critical part of business, and many professionals view LinkedIn as the best way to meet other professionals. When completing your profile, it’s important to ensure the right information is included. Sometimes a professional LinkedIn profile writer could be beneficial to provide advice and ensure you aren’t making these common mistakes.

Treating LinkedIn Like Other Social Media Platforms

It’s important to distinguish LinkedIn from Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, whereas most other platforms are more recreational. For the most part, treat LinkedIn as a way to enhance your career rather than enhancing your social encounters with friends like you would on other social media platforms.

Not Using A Professional Photo

LinkedIn is not a place to put a profile photo including your family or your pet. Use a professional headshot if available, or at the very least, find the most professional-looking photo of you that you have. The LinkedIn profile photo is one of the first things a person looks at, and an unprofessional photo can instantly give your credibility a hit.

Having an Incomplete Profile

Nothing tells a person you’re not totally committed to LinkedIn networking like having an incomplete profile. If someone sees your profile is incomplete, they will likely be hesitant to reach out to you, since they aren’t convinced you keep up with it and are active. A professional LinkedIn profile writer can help you fill out your profile appropriately.

Exaggerating Skills or Expertise

Whether it’s in your LinkedIn profile, your executive profile or anywhere else, it’s never advisable to exaggerate your skills or expertise. Being honest will benefit you in the long-term, and your LinkedIn profile is included in this. If you are dishonest about any of your accomplishments, the dishonesty will eventually be exposed and you will have to deal with a potentially tarnished reputation as a result.

Not Incorporating A Mix of Information

Yes, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. However, not every single person is professional every minute of every day. Even hiring managers want to know what you do in your free time outside of work. Include a mix of personal information, such as volunteer projects, what you do for fun and anything else you deem appropriate. Demonstrating you have a life outside of work is just as important as demonstrating your professional expertise.
Professional Resume Services assists job seekers and networkers by boosting their LinkedIn profile in creative ways. Sometimes you just need a professional LinkedIn profile writer to fill in the gaps or organize information in a way to make your profile more attractive. If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn or your profile specifically, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.