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executive resume writerOne of the worst things anyone can do when searching for a new job is sending in resumes randomly. Not only will the chances of landing an interview at one of those companies be very low, but it’s only going to prolong the job search process. Taking the time to prepare for a job search is well worth your time. It could even be valuable to visit an executive resume writer a few times to brush up your resume and get some tips on how to present it to potential employers. Here are some tips for preparing for your job search.

Personal Branding is Important

As much as employers want to know what hard skills you bring to the table, they also want to know your soft skills. A lot of this comes from c-level personal branding and can be a major factor in setting yourself apart from the competition. Your personal brand comes from your interactions with people, how you are perceived online, via social media and more. When you focus on c-level personal branding, your job search will fall into place more easily.

Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

It’s difficult to reach a goal if you don’t have a target to aim for. You don’t necessarily have to have a specific list of companies you wish to work for, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a company. Whether it’s the culture, the type of work they do, how you want to contribute to the growth or anything else, finding what makes you a good fit for any given company can help you narrow down and target specific companies.

Evaluate Your LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, employers and HR managers are going to look at your LinkedIn profile when they see your resume. It may be worth your time to visit a LinkedIn profile writing service to ensure yours demonstrates your c-level personal branding clearly and doesn’t include anything that could potentially damage your chances of landing an interview. LinkedIn is an important tool for people searching for a job, so make sure your profile is cleaned up and ready to be viewed.

Start Networking Early

It’s never too early to start networking. Even if you currently have a job and may be considering a new job search soon, networking now could get your foot in the door for your next opportunity. Meeting with an executive resume writer first could be valuable, just to ensure your resume is as current as possible and optimized for success.
Professional Resume Services enjoys helping executives with every aspect of their job search. Whether it’s crafting the perfect resume or cover letter, talking about c-level personal branding, LinkedIn profile development or anything else, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us if you’re in need of any kind of assistance with your job search.