Executive Job Searching is More Than a Perfect Resume

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One of the most common misconceptions about an executive job search is thinking a flawless resume will guarantee you a job. It will definitely help your chances if you use one of the top resume writing services to perfect your resume, but there are many more components to a successful job search. The strategy you develop for your search and how you interact with people are two of the biggest pieces of the job searching puzzle, along with your written resume and cover letter. Here are some important points to keep in mind during your job search.


Networking is a critical part of being an executive and promoting your brand, and it’s even more important when searching for a job. The first thing to do is optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can easily be discovered and your connections will know who you are and what you bring to the table. LinkedIn is usually one of the top resources other executives and hiring managers use to search for candidates, so taking the time to update yours is well worth the effort.

Develop A Job Search Strategy

Using an online job board to submit applications has never been a recommended job search strategy. The sheer amount of applicants to these postings make it virtually impossible for you to stand out. Modernize your approach by attending networking events and shaping up your resume with one of the top resume writing services. Refocusing your efforts by utilizing LinkedIn and ensuring your executive profile is in great shape will make you more recognizable.

Perfect Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, similar to your LinkedIn profile. The only difference is your cover letter is usually presented to a potential employer at the same time as your resume. So if your cover letter doesn’t earn enough interest from the reader, then they may not even look at your resume or LinkedIn profile at all. The top resume writing services can help with all three of these aspects.

Practice Interviewing

Your people skills in groups can help you earn an interview, but you also have to master the one-on-one communication. Ask a friend or family member to help you by doing a mock interview. The tougher the questions are in your mock interview, the better prepared you’ll be for your real interview. Interviews are all about confidence and how you present yourself. You may be the most qualified candidate, but if you appear hesitant to answer questions or lack confidence, your chances of getting the job will diminish.
Professional Resume Services is here to help you throughout your job searching process. Whether it’s developing a quality executive profile, optimizing your LinkedIn profile or providing basic resume writing tips, our main goal is to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us at any time for tips about the executive job searching process, writing resumes and much more.