linkedin profile development services

Anyone who is in the middle of a job search has likely heard about the importance of their LinkedIn profile. However, simply having a profile isn’t good enough. Your profile can be the difference in landing an interview for a job or getting passed over. That’s why many executives turn to LinkedIn profile development services today to ensure they aren’t making any critical mistakes. Here are some of the most common questions about LinkedIn that we’ve answered to help your job search.

How Can You Use LinkedIn For A Job Search?

LinkedIn is the largest professional online network, and a large percentage of employers used the platform to make their next hire. With that being said, it’s best to utilize a LinkedIn profile writer to help you use relevant keywords and phrases, and to help make your profile as complete as possible. If you want to do it yourself, go over the job descriptions you are looking at and make sure they match up with what is in your profile. Connect with other professionals in your industry to learn more about them and any possible opportunities available. LinkedIn groups are also valuable, since they are full of like-minded people, allow you to demonstrate your personal brand to others and expand your network.

Is Quantity Better Than Quality When it Comes to Connections?

There are plenty of benefits to having as many connections as possible. Your profile will rank higher in the search results, and your message will be displayed to a larger amount of people as well. You may also find someone in your network who works at a company you are interested in, or who knows someone who does.  That is the point of LinkedIn… to network. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Most are very receptive and generous with their time and information.

Can You Perform A Confidential Job Search on LinkedIn?

The best LinkedIn profile development services can help you adjust your settings in order to conduct a confidential job search. This involves turning off notifications, limiting who can see your connections, viewing other profiles without those people knowing and more. Many executives search for jobs while still employed, and you can easily keep your search confidential through LinkedIn.

Why is A Profile Photo So Important?

No executive LinkedIn profile is complete without a professional profile photo. If you choose not to include one on yours, a potential employer has no choice but to believe you are trying to hide something. And it’s important to note that LinkedIn is not the platform to put a photo of your family or pets. Keep it simple and professional with a formal headshot for the best results.
Professional Resume Services provides LinkedIn profile development services to help make your profile as strong as possible. It’s one of the most important platforms for helping make your job search successful, so the time you spend on it is well worth it. We are here to help in any way we can, so never hesitate to contact us when you need assistance in any aspect of your job search.