I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I want to read even more, but it gets overwhelming when I see my Google Reader overflowing with unread blog posts. So, I got to thinking that if I did it for “research” it would actually be job related. Yes, I am justifying my blog reading addiction. But who cares.
I’m not a professional reviewer obviously, so I am just going to give my thoughts on the blog and how it helped me, how it might help you, or just why I liked it. Some will be career related and some not, because let’s face it, not every thing I read is career related. Gasp!
You never know… my next review might be YOUR BLOG!
So, without further ado, I give you….

HealthcareITCentral.com by Gwen Darling

Gwen Darlingcphoto4
There are so many reasons why I love this blog. But first, a little background on the company and Gwen herself.
Having met and gotten to know Gwen through a mutual connection and eventually a collaboration,  I have watched HealthcareITCentral.com grow and expand its reach in just the short period of time that I’ve followed it.
Gwen is a matchmaker. Professional matchmaker that is. Her company successfully pairs the perfect candidate to the perfect company. HealthcareITCentral.com finds and offers job openings, places for candidates to upload their resumes, search engine to perform company research, networking, articles, and more. It is chock full of resources to help any Healthcare IT job seeker find what they need. What’s more, the other side of the website is for employers LOOKING for candidates. They are able to peruse the database to see who matches which position. Everything a Healthcare IT professional needs in one interesting site.
Gwen’s blog is housed under the Healthcare Informatics site, the #1 trade industry publication for the Healthcare Informatics industry. Her blog goes from delightfully funny, “When it comes to your Resume, are you a Flasher, a Streaker, or an All-Out Nudist?” or “I’m talking to you Mr. Pimp Daddy CIO” to thoughtful “What Job Seekers can learn from Farrah” . Her clever blend of useful information and feisty humor makes her blog an entertaining read and one of the top on the site. Job seekers outside of the Healthcare IT industry can benefit from her posts as well, as they do not all relate to the healthcare industry. Many of her posts are stories or things that she has encountered and we can all relate to (think “When limp becomes memorable”), and that shared connection is what keeps me coming back for more.
I look forward to every one of Gwen’s posts. Always insightful, never boring. If you want to read, laugh and learn, check out Gwen Darling’s blog. You won’t be disappointed.