Industry Review – What's Growing in America

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With 9% unemployment nationwide being the new norm, people are looking at other industries to find work. They may not have experience in their new industry, but you go where the opportunities are.
So what new industries are open to American job seekers? Some may surprise you.
1. Green Technologies
Managing, scientific and technical jobs abound. The key to getting these jobs is having a background in them, but any new industry will need accountants, marketing personnel and office workers. The industry may have changed but the need for office workers has not.
2. Services for the elderly and health care
With so many people approaching retirement, or way past, the health care sector has never looked more promising. Those babyboomers are going to need someone to assist them with their services. These include health care cost, nursing homes and finding work for the elderly, who are still working late into their 70s and 80s.
3. Speech therapist and physical rehabilitation workers
The third fastest growing industry also deals with health. But this time it’s helping people recover from injury or developing needed parts of speech. More children are diagnosed with speech impairments now than ever. This requires people knowledgeable in dealing with these ailments.
4. Data processing, web hosting and online services
As the world changes, so does the way that we receive and send information. With almost everyone using the internet as the chosen medium of communication, more people are needed to man the ever increasing data stream. These people range from data processors to people with capabilities maintaining existing infrastructure. Improvements are needed as well, so expect this segment to grow.
5. Computer design and related services
Designing user interfaces that work with existing data streams will become even more important as new programs are needed to help workers diagnose problems and troubleshoot.
If you are looking for work, don’t just limit yourself to only the industry you are comfortable in. Revisit your resume, look at your skillset and see what other opportunities are out there for someone with your qualifications and experience.

Every year experts in their respective fields talk to employers, look at statistics and then take their best guess about what will happen in the job market. Of course 2011 is no different. People want to know if there will be more college graduates hired, will salaries go up or go down and is there a chance employees will see an increase in their performance reviews?

According to available information the job market has begun to look up and there are hopeful signs everywhere. Unemployment rates have held steady at around 10 percent, so it’s good to see some kind of recovery start to take shape.
Recent College Graduate Outlook
The good news is that recent college graduates may have better luck finding jobs. The National Association of Colleges and Employers released their Job Outlook 2011 Fall Preview survey and employers expect to hire at least 13.5 percent more new college graduates from the 2011 graduating class compared to 2010 college graduates. Of the participating employers, nearly half of them expected to increase hiring, where about 40 percent expected to maintain the same level of new college hires.
However, some college degrees still pay more than others. Particularly those college students with engineering degrees still have the highest level of being hired out of college. In fact, all engineering degrees are expected to see growth.
Salary Projections and Increased Salaries
For those that are not recent college grads, but still want to know their job prospects and salary projections for 2011, there is a small flicker of sunlight on the horizon. Projected salary increases for 2010 were thought to be around 2 to 3 percent and the outlook for 2011 is a little bit better. The projections for 2011 are that employers will be able to raise their budgets enough to work with a 3 percent increase in salary according to Plan Sponsor.
That does not mean that each and every employee and job seeker will receive a 3 percent salary increase just because their employer’s budget increased, so don’t go in expecting the increase to hit suddenly. Annual salary increases usually work by creating a pool of cash, which is set aside for each independent department, so that it is the equivalent of 3 percent of that department’s salaries. The pool of money is then divided between employees based on seniority and role within the company.
So as experts begin to predict growth for the 2011 job market there creates good news for soon to graduate college students and those who are still looking for work. Things are looking up but it still might take some time to fully recover. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your financial security and job prospects won’t be either. Keep your ear to the grindstone and start pounding out connections because you never know when that dream job will be right around the corner.