5 Tips to Boost Your Online Personal Brand with LinkedIn

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Spending time on LinkedIn profile development can set you up for success in many different ways. One of the main benefits of LinkedIn is it gives you a platform to demonstrate your personal brand. Too many executives believe they don’t need to focus on their online brand since they have a good reputation within their company. However, you still have to maintain a good online reputation in the event of a job change or to even look good for your current company. Here are some effective ways a professional LinkedIn profile writer can help you boost your online brand through the LinkedIn platform.

Optimize Your Profile Header

When you’re learning how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you have to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your profile header should contain terms employers and recruiters will search for. You only have 120 characters in your profile header, so leave out any fluff and only use terms that reflect your brand closely.

Write Useful Information In Each Section

Original content is highly underrated. For one, the more useful information you have on your LinkedIn profile, the better the chances are of you incorporating relevant keywords and getting discovered. Original information is also valuable when you write it geared toward your target employers. Anyone who reads your LinkedIn profile should have a strong grasp on who you are as a person and as a professional, and those are exposed with solid writing skills and providing relevant information.

Expand Your Network

One key to effective LinkedIn profile development is to expand your network so you’ll have more connections. When you have more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, your profile will show up earlier in the search results and give you a better chance of being discovered. Utilize these connections to your advantage by interacting with as many of them as you can, which will help build your personal brand in the process.

Be Active

You can’t simply create a LinkedIn profile and expect to automatically boost your online personal brand. You have to be active by posting updates frequently, creating original content, interacting in groups and commenting on other articles. The more you share your knowledge and expertise, the more you’ll naturally boost your brand and your name will be widely known across different industries.

Create Original Content And Comment on Others

Any professional LinkedIn profile writer will suggest writing blogs or other pieces of helpful information, as well as commenting on other original pieces of content. You never know who will find your expertise valuable and it could lead you to opportunities you didn’t even know were available. No one will know you’re an expert in a certain area unless you let them know, and writing and posting articles or blogs are great ways to do so.
At Professional Resume Services, we believe LinkedIn is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to boosting your online personal brand. Your LinkedIn profile should be one of the first results that show up when you do a Google search for your name. If it isn’t for you, then be sure to contact us for assistance on optimizing your profile to enhance your brand.

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Ready for Today’s Job Search?

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LinkedIn is a platform you can use for many different aspects of your career. One of the most important ways to use it is when you’re on the hunt for a new job. Whether you just created a new executive LinkedIn profile or you’ve had one for years, you need to make sure it’s updated and optimized for your job search. As much as your profile can help you, it can hurt you just as quickly if you don’t display the right information. Here are some tips to consider before you actively begin your job search.

Optimize Every Section For SEO

Recruiters and hiring managers have certain keywords and phrases they search for online. Knowing which words those are takes a little effort and research on your part, but you’ll have to do that anyway if you have a fully targeted resume. Any professional LinkedIn profile writer will suggest optimizing every section for SEO, since you don’t know which section a recruiter will place the most emphasis on. The more relevant keywords you have, the easier it will be for a recruiter to find you.

Balance Personal Branding With Hard Skills

Your executive LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to highlight your personal brand. Sometimes it’s not appropriate to demonstrate your personal brand in your resume, but LinkedIn can be used to build on the resume itself. You can still mention your qualifications and hard skills, while also showing who you are as a person and a professional. Having a balanced LinkedIn profile like this will help differentiate yourself and you’ll have a better chance of piquing the interest of recruiters or hiring managers.

Increase Quality Connections

Part of your LinkedIn profile development should be increasing the amount of quality connections you have. The more connections you have, the more credible you’ll seem. However, randomly asking people to connect with you won’t do any good. Quality connections can come from previous co-workers, classmates, people you’ve met at networking events or even people from common LinkedIn groups you’re involved with.

Be Active

Most recruiters will look at how active you are on LinkedIn and what your activity entails. Commenting in groups and sharing content are good examples of engaging activities. Not only do these activities demonstrate your interest in certain topics, but they also can show your expertise and leadership, depending on your interactions with the content. You don’t want to be overly active all the time, but commenting and engaging with a few pieces of content daily is just right.
Professional Resume Services understands the importance of LinkedIn profile development in today’s job searching climate. In fact, many employers require applicants to include a link to their LinkedIn profile when they apply for a job, so it’s critical for you to have yours updated and optimized. We have a professional LinkedIn profile writer ready to assist you in this regard, so feel free to reach out to us if your profile is in need of a quality revamp.

Protecting Your Executive Image Online

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There are many reasons why you need to keep a clean executive image online, and most of them are obvious. The good thing is, in most cases, you have complete control over your online presence. The importance of c-level personal branding can’t be understated, whether you are searching for a job or have a steady career going. How exactly can you maintain a clean executive image online? Here are a few tips to consider.

Search For Your Name Online

The first thing you need to do is see what the Internet has to say about you. Do a Google search or use a search engine of your choice to look up your name. Read every result you possibly can, because if you can see it, anyone can see it. Hopefully you won’t be shocked at the information you see, but the only way you can clean up your image is to know how you’re portrayed in the first place.

Tidy Up Your Social Media Profiles

Even if you don’t see anything negative about yourself in an online search, you still need to clean up your social media profiles. When it comes to personal branding for senior level managers, social media can be a big problem. Social media is a powerful networking tool when utilized properly, but one simple mistake can lead to much larger issues.
LinkedIn is the most powerful professional social media platform to use. Consider hiring a professional LinkedIn profile writer to make sure you are creating the best possible executive image. You never know who is looking at your profile, so you always want to look as professional and credible as possible.

Enhance Your Online Presence in a Positive Way

Engaging in active c-level personal branding doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of ways to make a positive impact online, such as joining and participating in LinkedIn groups, posting in professional forums or message boards, writing professional blogs and more. All of these will help enhance your online presence in a positive way and boost your professional brand.
Creating a positive executive image of yourself online can take a lot of work. It can also be ruined with a simple post on social media. For more information on personal branding for senior level managers, feel free to contact us to help protect your executive image online.

Do These Myths About LinkedIn Help or Harm?

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LinkedIn is one of the best online social networking tools you can use to help land the job you want. However, there are some myths you need to know of in order to completely reap the benefits of your LinkedIn profile service. Some of them are helpful to know about, while others could completely put a halt to your job search if you aren’t careful.

Myth #1 – Only Connect With People You Know Well

The first thing LinkedIn profile development services will tell you is you don’t want to connect with just anyone, but you also shouldn’t only connect with people you know personally. There’s nothing wrong with sending an invitation to connect with someone who you met at a social event, or maybe even in a virtual group on LinkedIn itself. As long as there is a mutual benefit to be had, the other person will appreciate the invitation.

Myth #2 – LinkedIn is Only Beneficial for Job Hunts

When utilized correctly, LinkedIn can help develop your personal brand and properly depict your career progression over the years. If you need to, consult a professional LinkedIn profile writer to help keep your profile up-to-date. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, a recruiter may come across your profile and offer a better opportunity to you. Also, by using LinkedIn actively, you can keep track of your connections and find out some interesting things about your industry from real people who are in it with you.

Myth #3 – Building a LinkedIn Profile Will Create Job Offers

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional LinkedIn profile writer or not, simply posting a profile won’t send job offers flying in to you. It’s possible for you to receive a few inquiries, but you also have to be somewhat active on the site. Even more importantly, if you are searching for a job, make it clear in your profile. Put your contact information clearly where a recruiter can see it to make it easier for them to get in touch with you.

Myth #4 – LinkedIn Groups Don’t Provide Real Benefits

Some people think LinkedIn groups won’t benefit them much. However, if you ask a LinkedIn profile service, they may tell you you’re not using LinkedIn groups properly. Many people join groups, but don’t engage in them. If you start conversations and intellectual discussions, other people are more likely to join in. By networking with other executives, you’ll be able to help each other stay on top of your respective industries. The more the people in the group see your name, the more they will remember it if a job opportunity ever becomes available.
There are a lot of facts and myths when it comes to online networking, and LinkedIn is no different. Whether you’re just beginning to create a LinkedIn profile, or if you are stuck and need to give yours a facelift, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.