I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this post from Resume Bear, “20 Things Job Seekers Shouldn’t Say on Twitter”. From “I just smoked pot at work” to “I slept with the boss last night” to “I lied on my application, suckkkkkas!”, the list goes on.

Not sure what people are thinking these days, but one thing is crystal clear to me, they will be polishing off their resumes soon. Do they think that no one in their company is on Twitter or Facebook? That no one else has any online savvy? Sheesh! People are listening. We hear stories of people getting fired all the time for what they write on social networking sites. Maybe some are saying it as a joke, or to impress friends, but whatever the reason, their boss is FOR SURE going to find it and reprimand them (embarrassing!) or fire them (good luck!).
So, even if you have heard it time and again from friends, colleagues, the news, whatever, you better think twice before you post how you stole from the company, are still hungover from last night, or are reading your boss’ mail. Because it’s not going to have a happy ending.