Are You Building Your Executive Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments?

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Your executive LinkedIn profile brings you more benefits than simply the ability to connect with other professionals. When you incorporate LinkedIn comments into your job search strategy, you can give your online presence a boost, naturally grow your network, demonstrate your expertise and always be at the top of the mind of other professionals. Of course, the type of comments you leave makes a difference as well, so never post anything negative about anyone. Here are some effective ways LinkedIn comments can help with your c-level personal branding efforts.

Comment On Original Articles

Part of your LinkedIn profile development may be to publish original articles periodically. It’s a good strategy to implement and you’ll notice others have a similar strategy. One way to earn even more credibility is by commenting on those articles by your peers. You should only write a few short sentences about the article, stating what you liked most, what you agreed with, what you found or anything else you deem to be appropriate. The author will appreciate the time you took to comment on it and will likely return the favor at some point.

Be Active in Group Discussions

LinkedIn groups are also a great place to build your c-level personal branding. People who actively comment in groups can demonstrate their brand and what they represent as a person and a professional. The biggest challenge with LinkedIn groups is finding the ones relevant to you and your job search and knowing who to communicate with. You never know whom you may encounter in these groups, but active communication can open up many doors.

Always Look Out For Updates From Connections

When your connections post significant updates, don’t hesitate to comment and congratulate them on an achievement or start a discussion with them. Also, be sure to post updates on your executive LinkedIn profile as well so people have the opportunity to comment on your updates. You don’t want to go overboard with your updates at any given time, but it is valuable to post an update once a week or so. When your connections see you comment on their updates, your c-level personal branding efforts will get a boost since they believe you have a genuine interest in what’s going on in their professional life.

Professional Resume Services helps executives with aspects of LinkedIn profile development they didn’t think were important. Something as simple as commenting on someone’s original article can go a long way in boosting your c-level personal branding efforts and can promote great discussions. Being active on LinkedIn can tap you into the hidden job market in many different ways, so contact us today to see if your profile and activity are on the right track.

Magnetize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile with These SEO Tips

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Creating an attractive LinkedIn profile is valuable for anyone who’s searching for a new job. However, even the cleanest and most attractive profiles won’t be discovered if you don’t incorporate the right amount of SEO keywords in them. If you’re new to SEO or don’t necessarily know the right ratio of keywords to incorporate, it’s worth it to hire an executive LinkedIn profile writer to help you optimize yours. You’ll have a much better chance of your profile showing up higher in the search results and being noticed. Here are some SEO tips to consider to make your LinkedIn profile act as a magnet to recruiters and hiring managers.

Load Your Headline With Keywords

Many recruiters look at the headline first before they read a profile any further. You only have a limited amount of characters to include in your LinkedIn profile headline, so make the most of every one of them. Think about what potential recruiters would search for. LinkedIn will create a default headline for you based on the information you input into your profile, but it’s not the SEO-rich headline you want. Change it up to add more relevant keywords and job titles recruiters are most likely to search for.

Scatter Keywords Throughout Other Sections

Your LinkedIn profile headline is a short section but can take some time to develop thoroughly since every character matters. Once you finish it, don’t forget about the other sections. SEO applies to all sections, even though a recruiter is going to likely read your headline first. Part of LinkedIn profile development is making the most of every section while ensuring the text and information flows naturally so it’s easy to read and enhances your brand. Doing so will give you a much better chance of getting recognized and potentially making new connections as a result.

Make Your Brand Evident

One mistake executives sometimes make is focusing too much on incorporating SEO keywords and neglecting to demonstrate their personal brand. A LinkedIn profile with great keywords will show up higher in the search results, but if there’s no meaningful content present, then a recruiter is going to pass it up. Combining SEO with a powerful branding message is something an executive LinkedIn profile writer excels at and is worth considering to optimize your profile.

Professional Resume Services strives to help executives maximize their job search by focusing on all the details of LinkedIn and SEO. We are much more than simply a resume writing service. Job searches today have many different components that all work together to demonstrate your personal brand. Whether you’re looking for a new job or if your LinkedIn profile needs a revamp, contact us at any time to see how we can help you out.

LinkedIn is Key to Attracting Recruiters

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Whether you’re currently unemployed or you have a job and are starting to covertly look for a new one, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for you. Recruiters are constantly searching on the platform to find the candidates they think would fit the opportunity they have available. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way, your name will show up in the searches more often than not. Simply having a profile isn’t good enough nowadays, so working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer can help take yours to the next level.

Complete Your Profile

During your LinkedIn profile development, you’ll see a status bar on the right hand side of the page telling you how complete your profile is. Follow the basic steps to make your profile 100% complete. The reason is because completed profiles are more visible in searches, and will be more attractive to recruiters. Sometimes you might only get to 85 or 95%. Don’t sweat it if that is where you are at. Often times, LinkedIn wants you to include things that just don’t make sense to add (in my case… early experience that was basically waitressing while in college).

Think About What Recruiters Search For

Once you’ve completed the basics of your LinkedIn profile development, it’s time to take it to the next level. Using keywords and buzzwords relevant to your job or industry throughout your profile will make your profile show up more often in searches. One secret I’ve learned from recruiters is they often don’t search for job titles, since titles can vary among different companies. Instead, recruiters search for specific skills and expertise, so those are more important than trying to match a title to what you think a recruiter wants to see. While you want to make sure all of your skills are displayed, you also want to make sure the text in your profile flows naturally.

Always Develop Your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn may indicate your profile is complete, you should always look for ways to develop and enhance it. A professional LinkedIn profile writer may suggest being active on your profile at least weekly or more often if you’re in the middle of a job search. This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul, but it could simply mean joining a new relevant group and making new connections in the group. There are many ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and all of them are important for attracting the attention of recruiters. Make sure that even if you become employed, you stay active on LinkedIn meaning commenting or posting. You don’t want to neglect your network, you want to nurture it.

Professional Resume Services looks at the big picture of job searches, while also focusing on the tiniest details. Your executive resume is a critical part of your job search, but LinkedIn is quickly becoming equally important. With the competition for high-level jobs being at an all-time high, attracting recruiters is more critical now than ever before. No matter where you’re at in your job search, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any advice or tips.

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As important as a well-crafted executive resume is, it’s far from being the one component of your brand that will help you stand out. The times have changed significantly over the last decade or so, and the importance of personal branding for senior level managers has never been higher. This is especially true when it comes to online branding. You may have a LinkedIn profile, a website, blog, social media accounts or a combination of them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong online brand. Here are some ways to help you determine whether your online brand is strong enough to compete in the job market today.

Search For Your Name And View The Results

It doesn’t take much effort to search for your name on the Internet, but what you find could prove valuable. If you have to scroll through several pages of results to find anything about yourself, then you need to work on your online brand. The type of information you do see about yourself is what makes up your online brand, whether you like it or not. In order to improve your image, you could start with a LinkedIn profile service to help you at least get your LinkedIn profile stronger. From that point, you can slowly work on reshaping your image.

Create Engaging Content Regularly

One way to start the process of strengthening your online brand is to create engaging content on a regular basis. Post thoughtful and original articles on your social media accounts or website and promote engagement with others. It’s valuable to visit a LinkedIn profile service from this aspect, since the professionals there can help make your content reach as many people as possible. When you are consistent with creating unique content and providing valuable information, people will start recognizing you and your online brand will start taking shape.

Be Consistent Across All Platforms

Consistency is critical when it comes to personal branding for senior level managers. A recruiter or hiring manager wants to look at your LinkedIn profile, your website and social media accounts and see the same overall message. If there are any doubts or concerns about your actual brand, you may be hurting your chances of landing the job you desire or even being recognized by the right people.
Professional Resume Services does more than just help you with your executive bio. We want to help you make your name relevant by providing tips and advice on unique content, brushing up your resume, LinkedIn profile and much more. The importance of a strong online brand can never be understated, and we always keep it in mind when working with executives. If you ever need help shaping your online brand, feel free to reach out to us at any time for advice.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Tips to Bring Your Profile Up to Date

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Simply having an executive LinkedIn profile won’t do you much good. In fact, having an outdated profile is sometimes worse than not having one at all. If you aren’t sure how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you aren’t alone. The good news is you can work with a professional LinkedIn profile writer (look no further!) to evaluate your current profile and help you strengthen it so you’re always prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way. Here are some basic tips to bring your profile up-to-date that people sometimes overlook.

Create And Share Unique Content

Creating unique and engaging content is invaluable today. People always look for an expert they can trust, and if you are that person then your personal branding will skyrocket. Brand yourself as an expert in your field and watch your reader engagement climb. Plus, consistently sharing your content on your executive LinkedIn profile shows you’re involved with your career and are a valuable resource for current information. You will also benefit from your profile ranking higher in the search results due to the amount of unique views your content receives.

Build Your Number of Connections

The more content you share, the more connections you will earn. An executive LinkedIn profile that’s up-to-date will always have a significant number of connections with new ones coming in every day. Your network can see when you make a new connection, depending on your privacy settings, so you’ll gain some credibility from that aspect as well. Never hesitate to target other professionals in your industry and reach out to them to connect.

Be Active And Share Updates

Once you’ve worked with a professional LinkedIn profile writer to complete your profile, be sure to stay active as much as you can. This could mean posting a new article every couple of days and sharing updates about your career, or making a new connection. These updates will help you remain on the radar to your connections, so your profile won’t turn stale. You could also consider being active in LinkedIn groups to promote your personal brand. Just be sure not to be overly active to the point where people get tired of seeing you post all the time. As with everything, balance is key.
Professional Resume Services is here to help you when you aren’t sure how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is such a valuable tool to have, whether you’re actively searching for a new job or not. Just having a profile that’s up-to-date will help you get recognized, and you can continue working on it to build your personal brand. If you need any help with your LinkedIn profile, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for assistance.

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One of the main concerns executives have regarding their network is how to restore it when they’ve neglected it for a while. It’s typical for this to happen when you have a steady job you’re comfortable in. However, not all is lost, you can restore and strengthen your current network at any time. Updating your LinkedIn profile is a good place to start, and then you can go from there. Here are some of the best ways to restore and strengthen your network if it has gone stale.

Begin With Personal Branding

Don’t reach out to people in your network until you’ve solidified your personal branding strategy. This involves targeting and researching other professionals to determine whether what you have to offer will meet their specific needs. And you also have to know what you want in return. People enjoy helping people, so provide value and you will receive the rewards you want in return.

Reach Out To Current Connections

You’ll quickly realize other executives understand when you haven’t reached out to them in a while. A quick apology for not staying connected is sometimes all it takes to rekindle the relationship. Of course, if your intentions are to eventually ask them about possible job or business opportunities, then don’t waste a lot of time with small talk. Finding some balance in your communications is important and can improve your personal branding when you do it the right way.

Build New Relationships

Once you’ve reconnected with several professionals, start expanding your network to include new people. View the LinkedIn profile of different people in your industry and see if you have similar interests. Don’t hesitate to invite them to connect, as other professionals are usually always willing to expand their network as well.

Be Active on LinkedIn

Having a stale LinkedIn profile isn’t a good idea if you want to have a strong network. Being active on LinkedIn simply means talking to people privately, communicating in LinkedIn groups, sharing updates, posting new content and more. You don’t have to spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis with your LinkedIn actions, but when people know you’re engaged, they will more likely connect with you.
Professional Resume Services has a team of professional executive resume writers ready to help you with every aspect of your job search. The importance of having a large network today can’t be understated. Sometimes revamping your LinkedIn profile is all you need to get back on the right track of having a strong network. To learn more about how we can help you strengthen your network and boost your personal brand, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

How to Make Your Executive LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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Utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest extent is important for professionals at any level. Whether you’re looking for a new job actively or if you simply want to boost your brand, seeking assistance from a LinkedIn profile writing service is never a bad idea. Most executives today have a LinkedIn profile, but not all of them know how to optimize it to make it stand out among the rest. You have to be careful with what you include and how you present yourself online, as you would on your resume or anywhere else. Here are some great tips on how to make your executive LinkedIn profile stand out.

linkedin profileAlign Your LinkedIn Profile With Your Online Brand

Any recruiter, hiring manager or even a colleague will look at your LinkedIn profile as well as any other social media outlets, blogs or websites to get an idea of your brand. If you aren’t sure what your online brand currently is, now is a good time to search for your name in a search engine and look at the results. A good LinkedIn profile writing service will help match the contents of your profile to your online brand so there are no discrepancies. This alignment is critical in how you are perceived to other executives, employers or recruiters.

Fill Out Your Profile Page Completely

Having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough today. Be sure to fill out every section as much as possible and keep it updated. It’s especially important to focus on the summary section, as this is the first thing people will see when they visit your profile. This section is a great opportunity to summarize your brand in just a couple sentences, and it could be the difference between someone viewing the rest of your profile or moving on to someone else.

Join Groups and Be Active

When you join LinkedIn groups, those groups will be displayed on your profile page. It may be tempting to join dozens of groups, but it’s actually a better strategy to only stick with a handful and be more active in those. The more active you are, the more people will look at your LinkedIn profile. As such, it may be best to work with a LinkedIn profile writing service before you get too active to be sure yours stands out when people view it.
At Professional Resume Services, we pride ourselves on being more than just a team of professional executive resume writers. We enjoy helping professionals with various aspects of their job search, including developing their LinkedIn and overall online presence. Never hesitate to reach out to us for assistance with a job search, developing your online brand or for resume writing.

c-level personal branding

The concept of c-level personal branding seems simple enough, yet some professionals don’t quite understand the ins-and-outs of it. Personal branding is an ongoing process that can take years to develop, but only seconds to destroy completely. It’s impossible to boost your personal brand if you don’t make a conscious effort to make your name known throughout your industry and beyond. You could start with developing your LinkedIn profile, attending networking events or other functions. However, the real secrets to personal branding involve differentiating yourself and being completely authentic in everything you do.

c-level personal brandingDifferentiate Yourself

The idea of personal branding for senior level managers involves communicating the unique characteristics you offer to any individual or organization. The idea of differentiating yourself isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that often gets overlooked. Companies today always look for a candidate who stands out when they are in the hiring process. When you target and identify exactly what companies are looking for, then you can compare those needs to what you offer and present them in a unique way to differentiate yourself from the candidate pool. Differentiation is a key component of c-level personal branding.

Writing Can Demonstrate Your Personal Brand

Whether it’s on your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your personal blog or any other content, what you write and how you write it can demonstrate your personal brand. Your content should clearly show your expertise, the values you bring, your leadership style and what sets you apart from other people who have similar levels of expertise. As long as you are consistent in your writing, every single piece of content you publish will provide a boost to your c-level personal branding.

Always Be Authentic

In the world of technology and automation today, it’s easy to get away from authenticity. When you have to write your resume or LinkedIn profile by using certain keywords to be recognized, you could end up drifting away from your natural brand. The best thing to do is write and speak authentically and you’ll never have to question yourself or answer any tough questions. There are many different ways to make yourself stand out, but if you don’t do it authentically, then you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors.
Professional Resume Services understands the importance of personal branding for senior level managers. While our name suggest we are experts in resume writing, our expertise goes far beyond just resumes. We want to help executives boost their personal branding to give them a better chance at landing the jobs they desire. To learn more about personal branding and how to set yourself apart, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.