The Similarities and Differences Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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With the digital age we live in today, it’s easy to think platforms like LinkedIn have completely diminished the importance of a traditional resume. While there are plenty of benefits to having a great LinkedIn profile, it was not created to replace your resume. There are actually more differences between the two than similarities, although they can be used in the same ways at times. Here are the main similarities and differences between the two to keep in mind.

How Are Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Similar?

When you write resumes that get you hired, you’re going to put your past jobs, skills, experiences, projects and accomplishments on it. These are facts you should also put on your LinkedIn profile, even though they will be displayed a little differently. You also want to focus on your value with both LinkedIn and your resume, along with incorporating the right keywords to make them both stand out.

How Are They Different?

The best executive resume writers will tell you to have multiple versions of your resume for different positions you apply for. However, having multiple LinkedIn profiles can just lead to confusion. Your LinkedIn profile should be more general, while your resume is more specific.
The tone used is also a key difference. When writing resumes that get you hired, you need to use a formal tone. LinkedIn is best for more of a social or conversational tone. Also, your resume should be brief, while your LinkedIn profile can expand on points a little more. In a way, your LinkedIn should provide more context and stories behind your factual points, which should not be included on a resume.

Both Are Useful and Effective

Your resume and LinkedIn can’t replace one another, but they can be used effectively in conjunction with each other. Many recruiters will look at your LinkedIn after reading through your resume, so simply duplicating the information is not what you should do. LinkedIn is designed to provide a bigger picture of your accomplishments, show your personality and show off all of your achievements. Today, both are needed and can be extremely valuable when used most effectively together.
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