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When Is A Status Symbol An Investment Tool?

People judge on appearances. It would be nice if they did not, but the reality is that they do. That’s why the way your resume looks on the page is an important factor of resume writing. It’s one thing we look for when asked to critique a resume. You could have all the facts written… Read more »

Would You Wear An Executive Power Symbol?

Why do the powerful prefer to look obviously different than the rest of us? Power symbols — those accessories that indicate status and authority — do vary according to the context. A number of years ago at a Presidential Inauguration it was striking to see that Republicans and Democrats clearly had preferred outerwear, but the… Read more »

Gift Ideas For The Aspiring Executive

It can be a challenge to select a good gift for someone who is looking for a job or working on being promoted. We like our gifts to be things that delight and get used (at least that’s my goal in gift-giving) and the “executive gift” often is not in those categories. So what does… Read more »

How Creative Can A Work Wardrobe Be?

It was interesting to see the comments on Anna Akbari’s DailyWorth post. “Don’t Dress for the Job You Want”┬áis a statement that seems to fly in the face of the general consensus on working wardrobes. But she does make some good points to consider when dressing to express yourself instead of your position: demonstrate that… Read more »