Data Security Is An Executive Issue

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data security is an executive issue
We’ve all seen the news reports on data breaches in retail. Even the President is getting involved by signing an Executive Order to combat the growing concern of identity fraud. But this security problem affects the corporate arena just as much as it affects the shopping cart. We all have to be aware that somebody is monitoring our online behavior and looking for a chance to make money somehow. That someone could be a marketer, or they could be a hacker and the effects of their motives affect our lives.

Be Aware of Security in Your Job Search

There isn’t a good way to find a job without being online somehow, unless you are in a unique situation. For most of us, an online job search brings privacy issues and the need to understand how and why security measures are important. This is a basic living skill in the world we inhabit, so it makes sense to keep an eye on developments.
Being aware of security and how it affects data becomes an asset in your career, because you have already developed an awareness that will protect your personal information and your employer’s.

Be Aware of Security in Your Career

Every business entity has security concerns. The risks of data exfiltration are high because the ability to save to “the cloud” with a single click makes it easy to put potentially sensitive information where it shouldn’t be. Staff and management alike need to be educated, and that training needs consistent reinforcement to keep data where it belongs.
Executives who maintain a respect and awareness of the challenges of data security will be ahead of the game because the discipline needed for secure habits is already there. As the responsibility in an organization increases, the security needed will also increase, so if you want to move up the corporate ladder, this skill is an asset.

Privacy Tips For Your Online Job Search

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Privacy Tips For Your Online Job Search
When you are searching for a job, remember that your privacy is still a concern. Instead of blasting your information on every site out there, be particular about which sites you choose to use and go with job search resources recommended by experts. In addition, there are a few basic online rules to remember:

  • Read the privacy policy BEFORE you post. That might sound too simple, but you’d be surprised at how many people get in trouble because they assumed the policy was in line with their preference.
  • Don’t give all your personal contact information: Use a dedicated email for contacts and protect yourself (and your family). This has the additional benefit of making you look intelligent about security risk.
  • Understand and use cyber-safe resumes. Utilize the levels of visibility that site allows and understand the differences between “searchable by employers only,” “private,” “semi-private,” and “open.” Again, you have to read that site’s definitions in order to use it correctly.
  • Keep track of when and where you posted your resume. Keep a spreadsheet, or use a career management tool like JibberJobber to keep track of your online job search.
  • Your Social Security Number, bank account number, and mother’s maiden name do not belong with your resume. Period. That’s like giving a hacker the easiest target in the world for identity theft. That information can be given at the job site after you are hired.

As one security expert said, the safest place for information is on a piece of paper in your pocket. But you can’t find a job when your resume is hiding so you have to take steps to balance the real need for security with the equally real need for exposure. Demonstrating your understanding of cyber security standards during your job search is an asset to potential employers.

Why You Should Be Job Hunting – Even If You Already Have a Job

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job hunting
Many people feel that consulting job hunting resources and looking for a new job are things that only people who are unemployed should be doing. It is often assumed that the only time you need to be aware of what jobs are on the market and the opportunities that are available for you when you don’t already have a job.
Quite the contrary. Experts agree that it is a good practice to always keep an eye out for job opportunities, as well as the average rate of pay for jobs you may be interested in. Of course this isn’t something that you’ll want to do every day, but staying in the loop with jobs and salary changes in your industry could eventually help you move up the corporate ladder.
By keeping apprised of trends in job openings and salaries in your industry, you can ensure that you’re getting the best salary for your value, and that you are aware of changes in skills and experience needed for certain jobs. In addition, this knowledge could also give you great bargaining power when the time comes to negotiate your next salary increase!
While you may be happily employed today, we all know that with our country’s current economic situation, people are still continuing to lose their jobs everyday and are finding themselves actively searching for a new job. Job hunting doesn’t have to consume a lot of time, you just need to keep your resume current with your most recent employment history and achievements, know the best job search resources for your industry, and be willing to network with colleagues and friends in other companies who may know of opportunities for someone with your skills and expertise.
Being prepared for your job search will result in a a more effective, targeted search, and ultimately success!

How To Get Help With Job Hunting

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When it comes to job hunting there are two ways that you can approach it. Most people assume that standard job hunting is the best way to find their perfect job. This means that a majority of people feel that simply checking job websites and classified ads a few times a week is enough to bag them the job position they’re dreaming of. Sadly, this isn’t usually the case.
The job market is tough and competition for the jobs that are available is fierce. If you truly want to be successful in your job hunt then you need to up your game and do everything you can to make it happen.
When you’re seeking help with your job search, it is important to do so  from every angle – getting help with writing your resume, distributing it to the right places, and soliciting advice on where to look for jobs in your industry. It is essential that you look for opportunities in industry specific job boards, as opposed to just generic job websites, so you’re not  wasting time going through job vacancies that aren’t suited to your qualifications. Contacting professional placement agencies or recruiters may also give you insight as to what openings are out there for a candidate with your skills and experience.
There are plenty of ways to get help with your job search. You just need to be diligent in pursuing the job services and/or recruiting firms that are the best match for your career objectives.

How To Conduct An Online Job Search

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online job search
Whether you are searching for a new job because you are unemployed or you simply want to progress up the career ladder, it is important that you take your job search seriously. There are different resources that you can use in order to check for jobs and see what opportunities are out there, and you should check as many of these as possible.
One of the most important things to remember is the type of job you are going for. It is easy to get excited because a job vacancy website seems to have hundreds of jobs – but you won’t be suitable for all of these. If you simply use a blanket approach and apply for as many of these as possible, then you are simply making more work for yourself and your chances of getting a job aren’t increased.
Remember that when you come to carry out an online job search there are also ways you can get help and advice to make sure you are doing everything you can to be successful in your job hunt. For example, you can get people to read through your resume with a view to evaluating it and making sure that it is up to scratch. They may also be able to recommend changes you can make in order to improve your chances of bagging your ideal job.
Also, remember that many job resource websites are updated regularly, so don’t be afraid to check back often and see what job opportunities have been added because you don’t want to miss out by leaving it to long!

Why Job Hunting Can Seem Difficult

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job hunting
For many people, the process of actually finding a job they want to apply for and then submitting an application form to apply can seem like hard work. The reason for this is usually because they have been trying to get a new job for some time and they don’t seem to be having much luck.
The truth is that you could actually be making your job hunt much harder than it needs to be. If you are struggling with the whole job hunt process and have found yourself lacking motivation when it comes to seeking jobs and applying for them, then it could be that you are going about it all wrong.
Many people are tempted to simply apply for as many jobs as possible in the hope that they will be lucky in one of them. However, all this means is that you are setting yourself up for more rejections, which isn’t going to be very helpful when it comes to being motivated in your job search! You are far better being a little picky with the jobs that you choose to apply for and only going for ones that are really suited to you – and ones that you actually want!
You also need to make sure that you are looking in the right places when it comes to finding a job. If you are searching in the wrong places and can’t seem to find any jobs that are suitable then this can seem like a reason to give up but it isn’t! The truth is that there are jobs out there for the taking, it is just a matter of you looking in the right places and making sure you are making the most of the job resources that are available to you.

Using The Internet For Job Hunting

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job hunting
Job hunting isn’t easy, especially when you look at the small number of jobs that are often available and the huge number of people that could potentially be applying for them.
If you are looking for a job, then it is important that you explore every avenue available for you in order to make sure that you are aware of every job opportunity available to you. Many people assume that just searching locally for jobs is enough – checking local newspapers and notices in local shops, for example. However, this isn’t going to show you every vacancy that is available so you could be missing out on the perfect employment opportunity.
The internet is a fantastic resource when it comes to searching for a job because it allows you to search a number of places all at the click of a button. The great thing about job hunting online is the fact that you can easily search all sorts of criteria’s and categories which makes the job hunt quick and easy. You can then usually read through the options and opportunities available to you before deciding which ones you want to apply for.
One of the other benefits of job hunting online is the fact that you can often showcase yourself on job websites. You can simply upload some of your details alongside your CV and potential employers can search this and may find you. It is simply another way of getting your blame out there and making sure that you make the most of every possible job vacancy, to give yourself the best chance of gaining employment as soon as possible.
When you are applying for a job application you must remember how important it is that your resume is professionally written and up to date, so make sure that you do this before you start any type of job hunting.

job hunting
Job hunting isn’t easy, which is reason enough to get it right the first time. Whether you are looking to change jobs or you need a new career because you are unemployed, it makes sense that you try to get a job as quickly as possible. You don’t want to spend months trawling job hunting websites and applying for jobs, instead you want to be as successful in your job hunt as quickly as possible.
When it comes to job hunting, many of us go about it in the same way and this means that we make the same mistakes. If you are searching for jobs but are being unsuccessful, then it is time to rethink your job hunting strategy and look at ways of helping to make your job hunt as successful as possible.
One of the most common mistakes when it comes to job hunting is applying for too many jobs and spreading yourself too thin. You need to decide what career you want to follow and the jobs you want to apply for. It isn’t going to work for you just to apply for as many jobs as possible. You also need to make sure that your resume is suitable for the jobs you are applying for – sell yourself! Don’t just have a resume that is generalized rather than being tailored towards a particular industry. That will do you no favors.
Don’t just assume that the longer your resume is the better. Remember that potential employers are likely to be reading a number of resumes so they are going to scan them quickly rather than paying major attention to them. This means that if your resume seems too long or full of too much text, then they will be put off at first glance – which is something that you want to avoid at all costs!
Remember as well that job hunting isn’t easy for everyone, so make sure that you don’t give up at the first hurdle. There is a perfect job opportunity out there for everyone so you need to keep up the hunt in order to be successful in your quest for a brand new job or step up the career ladder.