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Whether you’re a brand new executive or you have years of experience, you should know by now that summer is one of the best times of the year for networking. You can spend hours working on resumes and cover letters during the colder months, but now is the time to disperse them to your best contacts. What makes the summer season the best time to improve personal branding for senior level managers? Here are some things to consider the next time you network this summer.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous volunteer opportunities across any community nationwide throughout the summer. Take advantage of these opportunities by doing good deeds while meeting some new people along the way. You’d be surprised at how your c-level personal branding can improve by being active within the community. Plus, just about everyone is open for conversation since they feel great about contributing to a good cause. There are many great people you’ll meet when volunteering that can lead to lifelong friendships and potential business contacts.

People Are Open For Conversation

There’s something about the summer season that makes people more relaxed and open. With vacations planned and more time spent outside the office, people are more open to conversation now than any other time of the year. There’s never a bad time to work on your c-level personal branding. Whether you’re at a Meetup group, a work event or even a happy hour with some colleagues, never miss the opportunity to improve your brand. And don’t forget your business cards so people will have something to remember you by!

Casual Environments Are More Relaxing

People simply get tired of being in an office all day long. Summer is the perfect time to get out and have some drinks on an outdoor patio after a long day of work. Find events that are outdoors during the summer, since generally you’ll find the people there are more relaxed. Just be sure to adapt to your environment so you fit in rather than being the person who ruins the vibe.
Professional Resume Services isn’t just about resumes and cover letters. We also have some valuable tips about networking as well. This summer is the perfect time for networking, so feel free to contact us at any time if you need any tips or advice on making the best connections this summer.

c-level personal branding

Any job seeker knows how important networking is. However, even a minor mistake can lead to major consequences in your job search. Taking executive level personal branding seriously is important, since hiring managers look for that when talking to candidates face-to-face. When you’re spending your free time networking to find a new job, try your best to avoid these mistakes to help yourself stand out to interested companies.

Expecting a Job Offer Right Away

Many people go to a networking event and expect to walk away with a job offer. This is simply unrealistic. It’s one thing to be confident in yourself and your abilities when meeting someone for the first time, but you shouldn’t be so bold as to basically ask for the job on the spot. A key to personal branding for senior level managers is to get to know the hiring manager and other top executives within a company. They are likely taking their time with hiring someone, so you should do the same and make as many connections within the company as you can.c-level personal branding

Talking About Yourself Too Much

No one know more about you than you, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about yourself nonstop. When you feel the urge to talk about yourself, ask an intuitive question instead. Ask your connection how they got into their job, how they like it, what the culture is like and other questions that show interest. Not only will this clearly show your interest in the job, but it will also give your c-level personal branding a boost.

Not Spending Enough Time on Personal Branding

Speaking of c-level personal branding, you need to be doing more of it. Everyone believes they are qualified for certain jobs. And most of those people will talk about the same qualifications. But instead of talking about how you are qualified, talk about the value you bring to the table. Companies are more interested in learning how you can help them, rather than only knowing what skills you have.

Overlooking The Importance of a Polished Resume

Your executive bio is usually the first thing a recruiter will read on your resume. If you’re going to take the time attend a networking event, at least have your resume reviewed by a professional to ensure there aren’t any glaring mistakes. Remember these recruiters are going to talk to dozens of people at networking events, so your executive bio needs to stand out and make them remember meeting you face-to-face.
Professional Resume Services is here for job seekers, whether you need help writing an executive bio or anything else related to your job search. If you need assistance before or after a networking event, feel free to contact us at any time.

You Can Find Networking Opportunities Even in the Most Unlikely Places!

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Most people are very aware of the value of networking. Not only can it help you find the career opportunities you’re looking for, but it can also bring value to personal branding for senior level managers. However, networking doesn’t always have to be in the form of career fairs, conferences and other business events. There are plenty of other unique networking opportunities to help you boost your c-level personal branding, and all of them have to deal with common interests.

The Gym

Just because you aren’t going to bring resumes and cover letters to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t network there. If you’re the person who puts on your earphones and shuts out the rest of the world around you while you workout, consider removing them and listening to your surroundings instead. You never know who you might meet on the treadmill next to you.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are also common interests where you can network with a variety of people. It’s easy to get into a discussion about a particular team or sport in general, and the conversation can go in many different directions. You may not attend a sporting event with the intention of improving your c-level personal branding, but it could easily happen.

Public Transit

If you take public transit frequently, there may not be a better opportunity to network. You have several minutes sitting by the same person on your route, so strike up a conversation with them. Conversations can go in many different directions, so you may have other people around you chime in as well.

At Kids Events

Parents always feel connected with other parents when they go to their kids events. It’s extremely easy to open up a conversation when kids are involved, so take advantage of the opportunity. It’s probably not the time to talk about resumes and cover letters right away, but once you form a connection you can develop a relationship as time passes.


Again, you shouldn’t bring resumes and cover letters into a bar, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to talk about them. Professionals sometimes go as a group or on their own to bars to unwind after a stressful day. Sit next to someone and talk about the day. Chances are you will be able to relate to them at some level.
At Professional Resume Services, we take personal branding for senior level managers seriously and want to help you improve your brand as much as possible. Feel free to contact us for more networking tips and how you can turn them into great opportunities.

Could Summer Be the Best Time for Networking?

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The summer generally isn’t viewed as the best time of year to drum up new business or make new connections. With many people going on vacations and spending more time traveling, the networking events are much more rare during the summer. However, this presents a great opportunity for other avenues of networking that could prove to be even more valuable. The thing about personal branding for senior level managers is you can never stop improving your brand. Here are some reasons why the summer may be the best time for you to do so.

People Are Generally More Relaxed

Since many businesses hit their slower months during the summer, you’ll notice people are more relaxed than normal. This means they should be more willing to connect with you, whether it’s finally grabbing a cup of coffee or going to brunch. Taking a relaxed and casual approach when networking during the summer can improve personal branding for senior level managers more than you think.

Use Downtime to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Summer could also prove to be the best time to work on your executive LinkedIn profile. Companies may not be hiring much during the summer, but working on your LinkedIn profile development during the slow periods will help you be prepared when business starts ramping up again. This is also the perfect time to get your name out there by joining LinkedIn groups, reaching out directly to connections and sending out resumes. Utilize LinkedIn as much as possible now and you’ll reap the benefits later on.

Always Be Aware of Networking Opportunities

The summer months offer some of the most unique networking opportunities when compared to other times of the year. You don’t have to be dressed in professional attire in order to make a connection. Listen to conversations at the beach, at sporting events, kids events or anywhere else you may be. As much as people say they don’t want to think about work when they are at different places, many conversations will inevitably lead that way. You never want to miss the opportunity to work on personal branding for senior level managers.
Professional Resume Services has plenty more networking tips like these to get you through the summer. Whether you need assistance with your LinkedIn profile development or identifying other networking opportunities, feel free to contact us at any time.

Four Tips for Tending to Your Family AND Your Job Search

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Going through a job search affects your family indirectly more than you think. As much as the search takes a toll on your own mental and physical state, you still have to find a balance with your family. You may have gone from working 8-12 hour days and never being at home to always being at home searching for a job. The best professional resume writers see this happen all the time with executives and different professionals, so there are some things you can do to help ease the transition. Here are some ways you can tend to your family and your job search without either one suffering.

1. Establish a New Routine

Sometimes you don’t realize how routine your life is until the routine gets disrupted. When you go from being employed to unemployed, you have to adjust your routine accordingly. You may now be the one to drop off and pick up the kids from school, cook dinners or do other household chores. The best way to start establishing a new routine is accepting that you have to change.

2. Set Goals

Set both family goals and job search goals at some point. One goal could be writing a couple resumes and cover letters each night after dinner. Another goal could be determining when the best time is for you to land a new job. There’s a chance you don’t have to rush as much as you thought when you consider the family duties you have to take care of.

3. Get Your Family Involved in Your Job Search

Be transparent with your family, including kids who are old enough to understand what’s going on. Let them know as much as you can what all goes into personal branding for senior level managers. It will require some time away from the home to network, meet with potential employers or even take classes. When your family is on the same page with your goals, it will be easier for you to go about your job search.

4. Split Up Family Responsibilities

Instead of stressing about doing all the family responsibilities yourself, get the rest of the family involved in them. This will give you some time to dedicate to writing resumes and cover letters, but you can also have some family time as well.
Professional Resume Services has the best professional resume writers to help you craft the perfect resume so you don’t have to spend as much time on your own. Having a family while searching for a job is stressful, so feel free to contact us if we can help in any way with your resume.

Protecting Your Executive Image Online

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There are many reasons why you need to keep a clean executive image online, and most of them are obvious. The good thing is, in most cases, you have complete control over your online presence. The importance of c-level personal branding can’t be understated, whether you are searching for a job or have a steady career going. How exactly can you maintain a clean executive image online? Here are a few tips to consider.

Search For Your Name Online

The first thing you need to do is see what the Internet has to say about you. Do a Google search or use a search engine of your choice to look up your name. Read every result you possibly can, because if you can see it, anyone can see it. Hopefully you won’t be shocked at the information you see, but the only way you can clean up your image is to know how you’re portrayed in the first place.

Tidy Up Your Social Media Profiles

Even if you don’t see anything negative about yourself in an online search, you still need to clean up your social media profiles. When it comes to personal branding for senior level managers, social media can be a big problem. Social media is a powerful networking tool when utilized properly, but one simple mistake can lead to much larger issues.
LinkedIn is the most powerful professional social media platform to use. Consider hiring a professional LinkedIn profile writer to make sure you are creating the best possible executive image. You never know who is looking at your profile, so you always want to look as professional and credible as possible.

Enhance Your Online Presence in a Positive Way

Engaging in active c-level personal branding doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of ways to make a positive impact online, such as joining and participating in LinkedIn groups, posting in professional forums or message boards, writing professional blogs and more. All of these will help enhance your online presence in a positive way and boost your professional brand.
Creating a positive executive image of yourself online can take a lot of work. It can also be ruined with a simple post on social media. For more information on personal branding for senior level managers, feel free to contact us to help protect your executive image online.

Here Are Five Myths About Personal Branding You Absolutely Shouldn’t Believe!

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Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not. It’s important for everyone to clearly define their personal brand, but it’s especially critical for high-level executives. As C-level personal branding has increased in importance, the myths surrounding it have also grown in number and prevalence. The truth is many people believe these myths, which can negatively impact their personal branding. Here are the top five myths you should know about, and most importantly, shouldn’t believe.

Myth 1: Your Personal Brand Is Equivalent to Your Reputation

You’re allowed to keep your personal life separate from your business/online life. You may have a completely different reputation with your family and friends than with your business colleagues, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Myth 2: Personal Branding Isn’t Necessary

Many people underestimate the power of personal branding for senior level managers. Just like a reputation, it takes some time to build a solid personal brand, but it can also be ruined in a matter of seconds. If you think personal branding isn’t necessary, think again.

Myth 3: Personal Branding Is Manufactured

C-level personal branding is only effective if it’s not fake. People who try to make themselves sound better than they really are will only hurt themselves in the long run. Top executives can see right through manufactured personal branding so you won’t be doing yourself any good to create a false personal brand.

Myth 4: Personal Branding Takes a Lot of Time

The art of personal branding for senior level managers isn’t as time consuming as people make it out to be. Yes, you have to work on it a little bit, but you shouldn’t have to spend extra time on your personal brand. Every email you respond to or phone call you take either helps or hurts your personal brand. Just be conscious about your actions and your personal brand will essentially develop itself.

Myth 5: Your Personal Brand Makes You Look Selfish

You may try to make yourself look good on a resume or cover letter, but C-level personal branding is different. As a top executive, you likely have many leadership roles. Being a good leader is one of the best ways to give your personal brand a good image. If you’re able to help others do their jobs better and advance in the rankings, how could you possibly seem selfish?
Most people focus on polishing up their resume, but don’t spend much time thinking about their personal branding. What are you known for? What do you excel at? Many top resume writing services will emphasize your personal brand in your resume, which actually makes it even stronger.

Five Tips for Personal Brand Creation and Maintenance

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So you’ve learned the importance of a personal brand and have made the decision to start working on your own…but what’s next? This is a very common question that has been asked by several senior level professionals just like you. As it turns out, building a personal brand is hard, but it can very much be done! Here’s how.

1. Think About Yourself

Every employee, and especially every senior level professional, has something significant to offer a company. You will have to tap into just what your skills and positive personal traits are before you begin crafting your personal brand. In fact, this is the first step of c-level personal branding. It may help to approach this issue from the perspective of an employer and figure out what traits are most desirable in any employee, then work backwards to hash out what makes you unique from every other applicant out there. Craft a story about yourself for your hiring audience to read.

2. Start Pruning Your Presence Online

While no one will admit to Googling themselves, it will actually help you figure out one of the most important parts of branding yourself—your name. Keep track of how you’re mentioned online and whether it’s in a negative or positive context.

3. Be Mindful of Your Internet Activities

Now that you have an idea of how you’re perceived online, you’ll have to make sure to keep these perceptions under control. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want potential employers to find later on. If you’ve already engaged in online activities that you wouldn’t necessarily want employers to discover, you will generally have the option to delete them—but be careful!
You can never completely erase something from the Internet once it’s there. In the meantime, you can do any necessary damage control by carefully considering what you post and only letting pictures and other forms of media slip through if they contribute to your efforts toward personal branding for senior level managers.

4. Build a Website

Thanks to the advancement of the Internet, building a website is easier than ever! “Why do I need one?” you may ask. For starters, so many business interactions now take place online…from consumers to businesses to potential employees and those in charge of hiring them. A website is a wonderful way of presenting yourself to the world in a quick and aesthetically pleasing manner. Don’t think you have to go big and flashy! Just a paragraph about yourself, contact links and a well written resume will do.

5. Look to Older, More Successful Brands

You can find other people who’ve built personal brands by connecting with those who are in either the same industry or are alumni from your alma mater. Connect with these people as soon as possible for tips on how to better construct your personal brand. If you play your cards right, these new associates should prove valuable!

On our site, you’ll find information about building a personal brand, writing an effective resume and much more! Once you learn a little more about yourself, you may choose to get some additional help to push your executive job search to the next level!