Do You Have the One Skill Every Executive Should Possess?

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Executives often have a similar skill set, background and education. So how can you set yourself apart from the rest? There are plenty of ways to do so, but there’s one overlooked skill you must possess: listening. In the world we live in today, too many people want to talk about themselves, which leads to one-sided conversations no one really listens to. Your executive resume biography is designed to talk about your achievements, but when you’re networking, let someone else do the talking while you listen attentively. Here’s why listening skills are so valuable for executives.

Build Your Personal Brand By Listening

The best resume writing service builds their reputation by listening to what their clients have to say and acting on what they’ve heard. On the same hand, you can build your personal brand by simply listening to others when they talk, asking questions in return and acting on anything you hear. Always be listening for things people say where you could fulfill their needs, or where they could fulfill your needs. In many situations, you will leave a conversation with people thinking highly of you even when you don’t say much.

Ask Insightful Questions

When writing resumes and cover letters, you have to ask yourself important questions about your past experiences in order to determine how well they fit with the company you’re interested in working for. When talking to someone, the only way to know whether your experiences are beneficial to them is by asking insightful questions. And the only way to know what questions to ask is by listening closely to what they are saying. When you ask the right questions, the other person will do most of the talking so all you have to do is listen.

Good Listeners Stand Out Among A Crowd

When you combine listening skills with asking insightful questions in return, people will take notice. You likely talk to many different people at networking events, but the ones who stand out most often are the ones who listen and respond accordingly. People are experts on themselves, so that’s usually what they talk about the most. Instead of returning the favor and talking about yourself, focus on the other person and you’ll earn a lot more respect in return.
Professional Resume Services has earned the reputation of being the best resume writing service, but we do much more than simply write resumes and cover letters. It’s easy to indicate on your resume that you’re a good listener, and it’s even better to put those skills into action. If you aren’t sure about what type of insightful questions you can ask or how to respond to people during networking events, feel free to contact us for tips and advice.

These Day-to-Day Actions Can Advance Your Career

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Getting a promotion to advance your career doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. After months, or maybe even years, of hard work, you may be considered for advancement. But you can’t just wait around and expect a promotion based on the length of time you’ve been with a certain company. Your executive profile may indicate you’re qualified for a higher-level position, but your work ethic has to back it up. Here are some daily actions to consider doing in order to put your career aspirations on the fast track.

Demonstrate Your Skills And Abilities

As an executive, you are likely involved in many different meetings at your job. If there’s a certain position you are striving to earn, then demonstrate your skills and abilities to handle the position even when you don’t have the position yet. This can include speaking up in meetings to show your competence and become recognized. Acting like you’re in the role you want can eventually lead to it becoming a reality.

executive profileBe A Leader

Your executive profile may indicate leadership abilities, but you have to show those abilities on a daily basis. Be a mentor or coach for other employees in your organization. The more you help others, the more rewards and recognition will come your way. And you’ll likely feel more satisfaction since the entire company will benefit from your efforts.

Continue Your Education

The best resume writing service always suggests continuing your education or seeking professional development. Not only will these look great on a resume if you’re looking for a new job, but your current employer will also take notice. Taking different courses demonstrates your commitment and willingness to learn and take on new roles. If you’ve taken numerous courses and still aren’t getting where you want to be with your career, then it may be time to work on new resumes and cover letters for the position you want to apply for within a different company.

Never Only Do The Minimum

Doing only the minimum amount of work to get by every day won’t help advance your career. Going above and beyond the job description is one of the best ways to get noticed. Just be careful to not overstep boundaries with the wrong people. It never hurts to offer assistance or volunteer to take over a project though.
Professional Resume Services is known as the best resume writing service, but we believe we are more than that. We enjoy helping people find new jobs, as well as provide helpful tips on advancing their career. Whether you need assistance writing resumes and cover letters, or if you’re stuck in a current position and striving for a promotion, contact us to see how we can help you out.

5 Tips for Professional Networking

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Everyone has heard about the importance of networking, and it’s no secret the most successful executives generally have a large network. The more you network, the more you’ll be able to boost your executive profile and earn yourself a great reputation within your industry and beyond. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be actively looking for a job in order to effectively network. Here are some tips to consider regarding professional networking at any stage of your career.

Start With Your Own Network

People who are uncomfortable networking should start with their own network. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you’ll make connections with your current co-workers and other professionals outside of your organization. Find your comfort zone at first by talking to familiar faces and re-establishing relationships.

Your Network Needs Constant Attention

Even if you’re comfortable with your job and have no intention of visiting the top resume writing services any time soon, you still have to give some attention to your network. Maintaining solid relationships with your network will help you stay informed within your industry, have your recruiting list built up at all times and know what’s happening with your competition.

Don’t Prioritize Yourself

Everyone is naturally more comfortable talking about themselves. However, don’t fall into that trap. Instead, ask leading questions to the person you’re talking to and let them do most of the talking. When you let the other person talk about themselves while you listen attentively, you’ll be surprised at how much they will admire you.

Eliminate The Salesman Mentality

Many people make the mistake of thinking a professional networking event is only to sell yourself. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While your executive profile can be promoted at these events, you should also eliminate any trace of a salesman mentality you have. Instead, focus your effort and attention on developing new relationships and learn how you can help them without selling any services. Sharing your experiences genuinely with another professional will go a long way in boosting your reputation.

Reach Out To A Mentor

Most executives have a mentor very close to them within their organization. Finding another mentor outside of your inner circle can be beneficial as well. You may want to learn something new, develop professionally in different ways or even want to start the process of searching for a new job. If that’s the case, then having the help of a mentor combined with utilizing the top resume writing services can help you tremendously.
Professional Resume Services wants to help you beyond simply writing your executive profile for you. We enjoy being involved with your career, no matter what stage you are at. For more tips like this, or assistance with writing a resume or cover letter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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Almost everyone has at least one social media account today. So since social media is such a big part of life and business, doesn’t it make sense to include your accounts on your resume? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Certain social media platforms are perfect for including on resumes, while others should be avoided completely. Executives have to think about their c-level personal branding with every decision they make, especially when it pertains to social media. Here’s what you need to consider when incorporating social media on your resume.

Best Social Media Accounts to Include on Your Resume

LinkedIn is the number one professional social media platform that should always be included on your resume. However, simply having an account won’t do you any good. Consider working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer to optimize your profile for your job search. If you include your LinkedIn account on your resume, you have to assume the recruiter or hiring manager will look at it. The best LinkedIn profile development services will ensure your profile enhances your resume, and your chances at landing an interview.
Twitter is another account that could add value to your resume, depending on how you use it. From a c-level personal branding standpoint, your Twitter feed can demonstrate your beliefs, personal interests and other aspects you normally wouldn’t put on a resume. Just be sure to clean up anything you don’t want others to see before you make your account known on your resume.

Don’t Include These Social Media Accounts on Your Resume

Even though you have a Snapchat account, it doesn’t mean it should be included on your resume. You can get yourself into more trouble than you can benefit from by including a Snapchat account. Other accounts you may want to consider not including are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. While there may be value in including these, it all depends on how you utilize them. Most people use these platforms as fun, informal and entertaining social media accounts, which have no place for a professional resume. Instead of cleaning these up, it’s best to just avoid them all together.

c-level personal brandingSocial Media Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

When used properly, including social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter on your resume can make it stand out and improve your c-level personal branding. The best thing you can do before including it is allowing LinkedIn profile development services to take a look at your profile to ensure it’s in the best shape possible. You don’t want a simple oversight to be the difference in landing an interview or getting passed over.
Professional Resume Services dedicates a large amount of time to helping executives with their LinkedIn profile development. The importance of including social media on a resume is increasing by the day, so ensuring your accounts are valuable and professional will help your job search significantly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time for assistance with brushing up your resume or your social media accounts.

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Investing in your career is one of the most important investments you can make. Setting clear and achievable goals will help guide you where you need to be, and improving personal branding for senior level managers may happen naturally throughout the year. There’s no time like the present to start setting aggressive, yet attainable, goals to help you boost your career where you want it to be. Once you’ve developed your short-term and long-term goals, your mindset can shift to working toward them every single day. Here’s how to make the most out of your executive career this year.

Set Clear Goals

It’s impossible to get where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going to begin. While it’s important to set yearly goals, you can also set monthly or quarterly goals to help you stay on track. If you’re in line for a promotion this year, think about what you can do to ensure you get it rather than get overlooked. If boosting personal branding for senior level managers is a goal, then you know you must attend networking events and make your name widely known throughout your industry. Clear goals will help you figure out what actions you need to take to reach them.

Make A Point to Network

Connecting with your network isn’t just reserved for when you’re looking for a job. Even the top rated resume writing services suggest to network as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to attend an event every night, but at the very least you can update your LinkedIn profile and check in with your connections frequently. Get advice from other professionals whom you look up to, and you may be able to develop a similar path to success. Plus, you never know when a new opportunity will arise, so you don’t want to miss out by not connecting with other professionals.

Create New Opportunities

Just because you’re happy and comfortable in your role doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive about new opportunities. Always do anything you can to improve your executive resume biography. This doesn’t mean simply changing the words. It means to accomplish more tasks in your current role in order to beef up your profile with relevant and meaningful accomplishments. By excelling in your current role, you can create new opportunities for yourself within the same company or be put in a better position to pursue other opportunities if you choose.
Professional Resume Services is more than just one of the top rated resume writing services. We take a personal interest with each of our clients and we want to help you make the most out of your executive career in any way we can. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to learn more about how we can help you set goals to reach new career heights this year.

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Have you heard you shouldn’t apply for jobs during the holidays, since companies aren’t hiring anyway? This is one of the most common myths we hear this time of year. Not only is the statement not true, but it’s actually the opposite in some cases. Companies always accept resumes and cover letters because they don’t want to miss out on a quality candidate. Here are some of the top myths about holiday hiring you may hear, but shouldn’t believe.

LinkedIn profileMyth #1: Companies Don’t Hire During The Holidays

In most cases, a company is going to hire a candidate if the perfect person walks into their office. The holiday season may be slower from a job seeker’s standpoint, but it rarely has an impact on whether a company is hiring. In fact, some companies prefer to hire at the end of the year because they know the candidates who apply will be serious since they are conducting a job search throughout the holidays. So choose the best executive resume writing service and send in your resume.

Myth #2: People Are Too Busy To Network

This is actually the opposite during the holidays for most companies. The end of the year rush can be intense for some people, but there’s always time to network and be social. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and reach out to business connections when you have a chance. This is a great time of year to connect or reconnect, and you never know when it could lead to an opportunity.

Myth #3: Jobs Posted During The Holidays Are Temporary

Some jobs are only temporary to get through the holiday rush, but it’s not fair to make this a general statement. And besides, temporary jobs can sometimes end up being a permanent job if you do the job well. You can always ask the employer if you’re concerned with the type of job being offered, but if it’s not specifically stated, you should assume the opening is for a full-time position.

Myth #4: Budget Constraints Prevent Hiring During The Holidays

Sometimes a company has extra money to invest at the end of the year, but sometimes it doesn’t. You shouldn’t refrain from writing resumes and cover letters just because you think a company won’t hire you during the holidays. Many companies leave room in their budget for an end-of-year hiring so then they have their staff in place to begin the new year.
Professional Resume Services is here to help you develop your LinkedIn profile, craft the perfect resume or cover letter or assist with any aspect of your holiday job search. If you’re planning to look for a new job to start the new year, you shouldn’t delay any further. Feel free to contact us to learn more about holiday hiring myths and why you should update your resume today.

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Most executives have a lot of experience and have accomplished many different things. However, if you don’t keep track of them all, it’s easy to forget them over the years. Tracking your work wins is important for many reasons. You may want to present the accomplishments to your boss when you think you need a raise, or you may need to update your LinkedIn profile for the first time in a while. Regardless, tracking your work accomplishments as they happen will help you refer to them quickly and easily, and here are some tips on how to do it.

Keep A Journal

Sometimes writing your accomplishments the traditional way with a pen, paper and a journal is most effective. Keep the journal handy at your desk so you can easily pull it out and add a new entry as needed. Just remember to write down as many details as you can so it’s easy to recall it when writing an effective resume.

Utilize A Voice Recorder

Don’t have your journal handy, or don’t have time to write down your accomplishments anywhere? Pull out your phone and record the feat verbally. Then you only have to remember to go back and document the recording when the time is more convenient for you.

Download A Reliable App

There are several apps for your mobile device you can download to keep records like these. Any executive resume writer will tell you to document more details than you think is necessary, because you can always filter through them later and only include the most important ones on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Update Your Resume

Keeping a running update on your executive resume is probably the best way to keep track of your accomplishments. It will make the process of writing an effective resume much easier when it’s constantly updated. You may choose to write more information than needed on a resume and edit it later, or you can keep it clean and make a simple bullet point entry every time you accomplish something new.
Professional Resume Services wants to help make your resume writing experience as seamless as possible. When you work with an executive resume writer, you’ll understand the importance of tracking your work wins and how to display them prominently on your resume. Be sure to contact us if you are in need of help with any aspect of writing your executive resume.

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Traditional ways of networking still exist today, but there are plenty other ways you can meet professionals. As an executive, it’s easy to get caught up in the traditional ways of networking, such as attending formal events, speaking engagements, seminars and passing out resumes and cover letters at business meetings. However, with the digital and social media age peaking at its highest level, new networking techniques are being used to connect with professionals effectively. Here are some of the top new ways to network today.

executive bioNetworking While Exercising

Building a professional network doesn’t have to be limited to wearing business attire. Plenty of connections are made while exercising at the gym and other places. This is especially true in organized fitness and group activities, where several people are working out together. Some people prefer to meet others through their LinkedIn profile first and then connect at the gym or similar events, just so they are familiar with each other ahead of time. While social media is great for making initial connections, there is no substitute for face-to-face communication.

Conversation Differences

The language used in your executive bio doesn’t need to be used in conversation anymore. Nowadays, conversation starters don’t usually revolve around a career. Instead, the conversation tends to shift to what the person’s lifestyle is like, including work-life balance. Having a solid 9-5 job is still important for many people, but it’s more impressive to have freedom to do the things they want to do while having a stable career. Listen in on some conversations at a networking event you attend and you may be surprised at the discussions taking place.


Whether you’re an aspiring executive fresh out of college or an experienced veteran, multitasking is essential today. Many executives with children have to be creative in their networking efforts. Some parents will schedule playdates with other executives who have kids, so the kids can play while the adults connect. This usually isn’t a place to exchange a formal executive bio, but getting creative with multitasking can help improve your work-life balance exceptionally.
At Professional Resume Services, our services go beyond simply writing effective resumes. Our experts stay on top of the latest trends in networking as well, since the two go hand-in-hand. For more tips on how to effectively network, or for more executive job search assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.