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Definition of Thought Leadership

               WHAT IS A THOUGHT LEADER (and is it YOU?)                What is a Thought Leader? Lately I’ve had clients discussing this topic with me and wondering what my take was on the term. So, I decided to do some research on the subject and see what others had to say about it.  … Read more »

Job Searching the Hidden Market

Job Searching the Hidden Market In a climate like the one we are in, it’s easy to feel like we will never find the job we want, or that ‘no one is hiring’. However, you can increase your chances of landing multiple interviews if you can tap into the “hidden” job market, or, the one… Read more »

Informational Interviews

Informational Interviews get a bad rap from job seekers –This is a great article for high school or college students wondering about their career choices, as well as for job seekers— Erin Kennedy, CPRWFor many job seekers, information interviewing seems too much like groveling. “Who am I kidding?” says one unemployed chief financial officer. “Everyone… Read more »