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Dancing in the rain—kicking the job search blues

I am a member of the Career Collective, a group of  resume writers and career coaches. Each month, all members discuss a certain topic. Please follow our tweets on Twitter #careercollective This month we are discussing helping job seekers stay positive during the job search process.  I encourage you to visit the links below to… Read more »

The most common mistakes job seekers make

With unemployment rates still looking dismal, it’s important to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. One easy way to do this is to learn what the biggest mistakes job seekers make are, and how you can avoid them. Paying this extra attention to each part of the job seeking process should increase your… Read more »

The five biggest mistakes you can make on a cover letter

Your cover letter is one of the most important documents you will write in your job search. Some argue that it’s equally as important as the resume. Of course, every job will place a different amount of weight on the cover letter, but however important the cover letter is to an employer, there are some… Read more »

Job Search Blueprint

I am a member of  the Career Collective, a group of  resume writers and career coaches. Each month, all members discuss a topic. This month, in collaboration with Quint Careers, we are  participating in Job Action Day! This month we are discussing helping job seekers in a changing economy. Please feel free to visit the… Read more »

Overview from the CDI Summit (think networking & food)

Hello. I am back from being GONE. And when I say ‘gone’ I mean at a conference. THE conference. Career Directors International’s Summit 2009. It was fabulous. To top off a weekend of learning, networking, fun and enormous amounts of food, the setting was beautiful. And of course, as soon as I returned to Michigan,… Read more »

5 Executive Job Boards

5 Executive Job Boards If you’re an executive searching for a job, you know how difficult the job search is. You can’t just follow the same rules and patterns that most sites recommend for job searches. Additionally, most sites don’t gear their writing or even dedicate a portion of it to covering what executives need… Read more »

Finding a job using Wall Street Journal online

Everybody knows about the traditional job search web sites online. We won’t mention them by name because you’ve seen their ads on TV probably more than you’d like. Most people know them because they’ve had negative or unfruitful experiences. Let’s try something new. Have you tried The Wall Street Journal Online? Most people use it… Read more »

Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters seem to be difficult for people, even resume writers. Why is that? What makes a good cover letter? Cover letters can be fun to write. There really aren’t many ‘rules’ to writing them. You can let your personality shine through. They allow you to positively present your skills, accomplishments, and credentials in a… Read more »