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What Networking Is and Isn’t

When a job seeker realizes networking isn’t optional today, they will have a better chance of finding a job quickly. Even executives with extensive careers and who are considered to be experts in their industry have to always be working on their c-level personal branding. There are many misconceptions about networking, including the common belief… Read more »

How to Make Your Social Networking Work for You, Not Against You

Networking has changed in many different ways over the last several years. Nowadays, many people who attend actual networking events are already familiar with the people in attendance, even though they’ve never actually met before. The power of social networking is phenomenal and plays a significant role in c-level personal branding. Everything you do online… Read more »

Networking Resumes

Sometimes an opportunity or event comes up that asks for a brief, accomplishment-focused version of your resume — something easy-to-read, bold, and interesting. If you are an executive who is networking your way to your next role, this one-page, eye-catching, branded resume may be just what you need.

We focus on the accomplishments and metrics, and leave out the daily responsibilities and other items that tend to lengthen a typical resume. Highlighting your brand, credentials, and achievements in a concise format eliminates unnecessary clutter on the page.

In addition to the sleek, concise, version of your resume, we add visual appeal to help each section of your resume stand out on their own.

Add a Networking Resume to any package starting at $595.

The Relationship Between Networking and Referrals

As a job candidate, you have to know what works and what doesn’t work with your job search to ensure you make progress every single day. One of the most effective strategies for any job search is networking. With quality c-level personal branding, networking can lead you to many new connections, as well as the… Read more »

3 Ways You May be Networking Wrong

Networking is valuable whether you’re actively looking for a job or not. If for some reason you believe building your network doesn’t bring any value to your personal or professional career, then there’s a chance you may be doing it wrong. Having a solid LinkedIn profile is one of the most effective ways to make… Read more »