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Are You Making These Networking Mistakes?

Networking is one of the most valuable actions any professional or executive can take for a variety of reasons. Whether you have a job you like or are seeking a new one, networking has plenty of value. However, if you don’t network properly, you could find yourself frustrated at the lack of success it’s getting… Read more »

Try These Unique Networking Methods!

When it comes to networking, you don’t always have to step completely out of your shell to meet new people. One of the common misconceptions people have about networking is you have to attend professional events to make new contacts. However, sometimes you can make a professional contact just by living your daily life and… Read more »

Five Ways to Break the Ice at Networking Events

Networking events can be intimidating, especially if you are an introvert by nature. But for executives, networking is crucial to landing the job you want in the future. Sometimes even the best executive resume writing service can’t help you get the job you want if you don’t take the necessary steps to connect with people… Read more »

Six of the Most Common Errors Made by Networking Event Attendees

As an executive, you have been in the workforce for many years. Therefore, you know the importance of  make the most out of networking events as you search for new opportunities. Networking events present people with amazing opportunities to get to know recruiters and learn more about different companies. However, it can be easy to… Read more »

Be Sure to Avoid These Five Typical Mistakes While Networking

Companies are leaning on referrals more and more these days. A referral allows the company to find an excellent candidate without paying a pricey recruiter or hiring multiple HR people to sort through resumes. It’s a win-win for businesses, employees (who often get referral bonuses) and job seekers.… Except when you’re a job seeker who doesn’t know… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Networking

For most of us, networking isn’t our favorite thing. It’s more of a “must do” than a “want to.” Networking is boring and can be absolutely terrifying. Meeting strangers at stuffy events where you wish a cocktail or three could be downed isn’t exactly fun.The problem is networking is an absolute “must” in today’s business… Read more »

Networking Tips For The Introvert

Did you know that introverts can be great networkers? They just go about networking in a different mode than the extrovert, and since a lot of the advice you see on networking for your career seems to be geared toward those extroverts, the combination of introvert/networking has to be redefined. Search Engine Journal usually is a… Read more »

One Way To Keep Your Networking Current

Networking is one of those activities that gets shelved because you are busy. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those activities that needs to be consistent in order to do any good to your career. This is because the nature of networking is relationships, and if you only connect with people when you need them, you… Read more »