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Is Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

You hear the word “networking” in a positive light most of the time, but think about it: Who are you networking with? If every conversation is gossip or complaining, then it has an effect on the way you think and act. In addition to how it affects you, there’s an effect on how your employer… Read more »

3 Ways Volunteering And Networking Mesh

“Networking” is that fragile web of connections you have with other people and volunteering can strengthen that web in several ways.┬áHere are some of the advantages a voluntary approach to networking can add to your career: Maintaining activity through volunteer work in your field keeps you in contact with potential employers and co-workers. When an… Read more »

Can Social Networking Get You Fired?

It is increasingly common for stories like this one about a bus driver fired over Facebook postings to show up on newsfeeds. Whether or not you agree with the practice, the reality is that your social media usage has a very public side. When you think about it, the Internet is like a public park… Read more »

Is Networking Working For You?

If “networking” isn’t working for you, maybe you need to change your ideas about what networking actually is. Networking means different things to different people. For some, networking is that mysterious executive function only done by the upper tiers of a corporation. For others, networking is connecting regularly with friends for lunch. Networking to the… Read more »

Hints For Successful Networking

As odd as it may sound, many people keep the fact that they are searching for a new job a secret even when they are unemployed. This is a bad idea simply because you never know who is going to hear about a job opening that would be a perfect fit for you. Still, networking… Read more »

The Biggest Networking Mistakes

Networking is an absolute must for a successful career. Unfortunately, many people consider networking events as nothing more than social time akin to a cocktail party. The truth is that networking events are more like a pre-interview on a mass scale. You are on display and you ensure that your goals, value, and expertise are… Read more »

Social Networking and Your Job Search

┬áSocial networking is one of the fastest growing forms of communication and advertisement. It helps to connect people, including co-workers with each other and employers with their employees. It is also a great way for employers to examine potential employees. In order to have the best odds at getting a job you need to take… Read more »