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Should I use ChatGPT for Executive Resume Writing?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence software such as ChatGPT has infiltrated many aspects of life as we know it in both the professional and educational sectors. With its rapid development and improvements in writing, many are using it to write emails, social media captions, and even term papers and essays with mixed results…. Read more »

The Ultimate Must for all Executive LinkedIn Profiles, Emails, Resumes and Cover Letters

Grammar, spelling and punctuation issues can bring your job search to a screeching halt before it even gets started. Still, too many executives overlook basic typographical errors that significantly hurt their chances of landing the job they desire. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, resumes and cover letters, emails or anything else, always take the time… Read more »

Federal & Military Transition Resumes

Ready to transition from military to civilian, or need a Federal resume? We can help. This package helps those who served our country in federal or military capacities to transition to civilian life stress-free.

Our certified resume writers have experience writing military resumes, ECQs, TQs, and federal resumes. They even write federal resumes specifically for, if needed.

Military-to-Civilian Resume Packages include:

Professional Resume
Cover Letter
Thank You Letter
PDF Resume
LinkedIn Profile Development & eBook (Add-on for $695)
Reference Dossier (Bonus #1)
Job Search eBook (Bonus #2)
Accomplishments Journal (Bonus #3)

Military-to-Civilian Resume Package Pricing (with military discount included):

Professional (3-8 years experience):  $795 per package
Mid Level (10-20 years VP’s/Dir’s): $1095
Executive (President, CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO, C-suite equivalent):  $1795

Order now! 1-810-664-1933

Federal Resume Investment for the following General Schedule positions:

GS 5/7/9 Target Resume: $795
GS 11/12 Target Resume: $995
GS 13/14 Target Resume: $1295
GS 15 and SES Target Resume:  $1595

Need letters? Add the Letters package for $449.
Includes: cover letter, eNote, thank you letter, and reference page

Add ECQs and TQs preparation for: $249 per page.

Quit wondering why you aren’t getting a callback and order now! 1-810-664-1933

The Basics of Executive Cover Letter Writing

An executive resume cover letter shouldn’t simply restate your resume in paragraph form. If you’ve been crafting your resume like this, then it’s time to revisit some of the basics of cover letter writing. The purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself to the potential employer you are interested in working for. This… Read more »

3 Tips for Writing a Career Change Resume

There may come a time in your career when you’re ready for a change. Obvious challenges are present when making a career change, and none are more evident than trying to write resumes that get you hired. Some of your skills may transfer over to your new career, but many of them won’t. Your main… Read more »

The Most FAQs about Executive Resumes

Writing a resume should take a while due to the detailed nature of it. However, if you have more questions than answers as you’re writing it, then it could be taking longer than it needs to. It’s only natural for executives to have questions when crafting their resume, and a professional resume writing service can… Read more »

The Insight About Executive Resume Writing

Simply listing out your career accomplishments and highlighting your experiences on an executive resume isn’t enough to get recognized today. In a way, writing resumes that get you hired is all about how you display the information and what keywords you use, no matter how experienced you actually are. You generally only have about six… Read more »