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Changing Your Resume for Each Company

  A recruiter once gave me an excellent tip when she said to change my resume every time I applied for a  job. Why I asked? She told me that company recruiters will often use a keyword search to select the candidates that they feel matches the position. This keeps them from having to sort… Read more »

Fast Fixes for Your Resume

    Instead of getting discouraged by the lack of response to your resume….get busy! There are a myriad of tactics and tools you can use to improve your resume and not all are painful or require a lot of redo to your resume. The thing is – they can help you get a job and… Read more »

Using Power Words for Your Resume

We’ve all worked with really talented people we thought would never leave the company – not because they didn’t want to leave – some do. But we think that they won’t ever leave because we’ve seen their resumes and they sell themselves short and they probably wouldn’t get hired. Some job seekers do not want… Read more »

Putting the Right Social Media Face First

Face-to-face networking is incredibly important, and if you know your way around, then you have a distinct advantage over much of your competition. You’re making a serious mistake if you do not have a social media presence or if you skip social media sites all together. If you’ve neglected to create a social media presence,… Read more »

Drawing Attention to Your Accomplishments: What Your Resume Says About You

Focusing on your experience, your background and your accomplishments is what’s known as a functional resume. Chronological resumes list all of your employers in the order of the date that you worked for them, typically with the oldest employer at the bottom of the resume. Functional resumes are great for people who are looking to… Read more »

Targeting Your Resume to Get the Results You Want

Even if you have an excellent resume, it still may not be targeted to find the right kind of work for you. What can you do to increase the number of responses you get from employers? Customization is Key! Blasting your resume out for every position you see won’t help you find the right job…. Read more »

Resume Tips That Set You Apart From Your Peers

Your resume is your marketing tool for success. You need to be able to advertise your skills and ability to succeed with your prospective employer. The format and feel of your resume can either open doors or close them, often this feeling can make people question why they didn’t get the interview or thinking they… Read more »

Finding a Work-at-Home Job

Working from home is the goal of many people. I understand. I work from a home office as well. It is great when you don’t have to dig your vehicle out of a foot of snow to get to work in the morning, or sit in traffic for two hours on the way home. There… Read more »