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Making The Most of Your Job Interview

After spending hours of distributing your resume, here it is. You got an interview. The one and only chance to prove that you are exactly what the company is looking for. Talk about stressful. Here are a few tips that should help you make the most of that first job interview. The first thing you… Read more »

Mock Interviews – A Great Way to Prepare for the Real Thing

If you are the type of person who gets very nervous during a job interview, practicing your interviewing skills in a mock interview setting may be for you. A mock interview is when you have someone such as a career coach, a counselor or a friend act as an interviewer to let you practice answering interview questions. Most… Read more »

Hints & Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Firstly, if you have gotten as far as the interview stage of a job application, then well done! There are many people who will also have applied for this job and who haven’t been as successful. It is a fantastic feeling when you know that a company likes the sound of you enough to invite… Read more »

What To Do After A Bad Interview

It has happened to all of us. Everyone has experienced a bad job interview sometime in the past. Anything from being late, botching answers to key questions or not being able to show knowledge about the company. Although the proverb is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you do… Read more »

Add Informational Interviews To Your Networking To Do List

Networking does not always mean social networking. While social networking is good, it’s better to add a personal touch to it by utilizing informational interviews. An informational interview is where you, as the job seeker, asks for a meeting with someone in charge of a particular company. You are, in essence, interviewing them, not for… Read more »

Interview Syndrome? Relax, You Got This

Some people get a rise in blood pressure simply by visiting the doctor (me included!). This is called white coat syndrome. For lack of a better term, interview syndrome is when you get extremely nervous before a job interview. Relax! You can do it, you got this. Be confident above anything else. It’s important to… Read more »

How to Ace the Job Interview and Figure Out What You're Doing Wrong

No job is perfect, not the one you have and not the one you want, but you still want to put yourself in a better position career-wise, you are just petrified at the thought of being interviewed for a new position. Many people have trouble with the interview process, whether becoming frustrated with the line… Read more »

What Can You Do to Calm Your Nerves Before an Interview?

Oh no, the dreaded pre-interview jitters. Everyone has been nervous before– you know the sweaty palms, the sense of lightheadedness and the jumpy speech – none of these outward expressions will make a good impression at a job interview. The stressful nature of a job interview is enough to shake just about anyone to their… Read more »