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Using Keywords to Create a Compelling Story on your LinkedIn Profile

If you are currently employed or actively seeking employment, chances are you have already established a presence on LinkedIn so recruiters and hiring managers can find you (and if you aren’t on LinkedIn, then quit reading, sign-up on the site, and then come back to this article). My question is…what are you doing/including on your… Read more »

The Powerful Impact of LinkedIn SEO and Keywords

One of the best resources anyone can use today for a job search is LinkedIn. Even the people who understand the reasons why LinkedIn profile development is so important often don’t even utilize it to its greatest capabilities, though. Unless you work in an industry where SEO is important, then you may not know exactly… Read more »

The Most Important Spots for SEO Relevant Keywords on a LinkedIn Profile

If you’ve gone through a job search recently, or are actively looking for a job, you likely know the importance of having SEO relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile. One question many professionals have is where exactly to place those keywords. This is a valid question and an important one to understand to make the… Read more »

Should You Add Keywords to Your C-Level Resume?

Keywords in a resume? Who needs them? If you’re trying to land a c-level position, you need them! More than three quarters of employers rely on keywords to narrow their vast pool of applicants to choose the most promising and bring them to the interview stage. Why Keywords Are Important in a Resume Recruiters looking for the… Read more »

Keywords vs Cliches — The Branding Debate

How often are you told you need a LinkedIn Profile that is keyword rich, then you read an article on LinkedIn that tells you, “Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself“? The main thrust of the article is that the keywords generally are cliches and should be left out of your branding vocabulary. However,… Read more »

How Can Keywords Improve Your Resume?

A resume is used to show off your best qualities to an employer. It shows your skills, work experience, and accomplishments. With all that information, how do you emphasize your best features? You can tailor your resume and pick only your most impressive entries, but you can also use keywords that will help you stand… Read more »

Just How Do Keywords Work In a Resume?

So many people are put off by the idea of writing a resume, and ignore doing it until the absolute last possible minute, many times when it is too late. Using a resume that is written properly will save you a lot of heartache in the end, though—and is worth the time investment. Taking advantage… Read more »