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Did you know that more than 100 million people in America make New Year’s resolutions each year? If one of your top resolutions is to find a job that fits your skills and abilities, then you need to take steps to improve your chances of being hired.

Finding a job is no small feat, especially in the executive sector where the process to get hired is more cutthroat than ever before. While your initial thought may be to hire the best executive resume writing services, there are a few other tips that can help along the way, as well.

1. Clearly define the job you want

It isn’t good enough to just state you want a new job. The more specific you get, the better results you are going to see. If you know what company you want to work for, write that down, too. Make sure you are realistic. Not everyone can move into the top executive position at a Fortune 500 company straight from the job market. The more specific and realistic you are, the better chance you have of achieving your resolution.

2. Create actionable steps

There are many reasons why resolutions fail. A common theme, however, is you don’t take the necessary actions to accomplish the goals you have set. You have to make it happen. Do you want a position as a Vice President of Sales at a large retail chain? If so, outline the steps you can take to achieve this goal.

For example:

  • List the business options you are interested in.
  • Use LinkedIn to post your resume after using executive resume services.
  • Attend networking events where these companies are present.
  • Learn who the decision makers are at the organizations.
  • Tailor your actionable skills to meet your specific job hunt goals.

3. Revamp your resume

A resume is the first impression an HR manager receives of a candidate. If yours isn’t up to the company’s standards, then it may be time to revamp it. If you don’t have the time or ability to do this yourself, consider using the services of the best executive resume writing services. Not only can these services help you update your resume, but they provide other services, as well. For example, many resume companies also offer a cover letter writing service.

4. Consider using a recruiter

Being noticed in a saturated job market is getting more and more difficult. Regardless of your degree, experience and ability, there is always someone else out there who may be a bit more impressive. With the help of a recruiter, you can find the jobs suiting the goals you outlined as part of your New Year’s resolution.

Getting a job isn’t hard. Landing the job you really want, especially at the executive level, can be a challenge. With the tips here, you are on your way to getting a job that challenges you, while letting you show off your abilities and skills. If you would like more information about resume writing services, or getting the job you want this year, contact us today.

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Written by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW - Visit the website to hire executive resume writer Erin Kennedy, CERW, CPRW

Erin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services.

Avoid these costly mistakes with the help of executive resume writing services.

Executive resume writing services can help you avoid these costly mistakes.

If you take the time to speak with any executive level job-seeker, you are likely going to hear a few words of wisdom about how to find the perfect executive position. However, many of these individuals are full of misguided tips that are going to hinder, rather than help, your job hunt.

To avoid falling for these common job hunting mistakes, use the information here.

Not Knowing What Your Personal Market Value Is

Prior to attending even one interview, take some time to assess your value in the open market. If you don’t know your professional worth, there is a good chance you will undersell your experience and knowledge, which will hurt your negotiating power.

There are tools to help with this. For example, compensation benchmarking can help you determine what your market value is based on your geographic location, experience, skills, etc.

Your Resume Gives All the Details of Your Past Work Experience

It is important to remember, the purpose of a resume is to help you receive a call for an interview. You don’t have to create an extremely detailed autobiography of your entire professional history. If you are having a difficult time consolidating the information on your resume, consider using executive resume writing services.

Trying to Match Your Resume to the Keywords in the Job Posting

HR managers and personnel have to review hundreds of resumes for every position. If they are all full of keywords from the job posting, they are going to have a difficult time finding someone who stands out. Instead of “stuffing” the resume with keywords, fill it with information that describes you, as well as the unique expertise you have. Professional executive resume writers can help capture all the characteristics that help you stand out as a great candidate.

Assuming You Need More Certifications or Schooling to Get the Job You Want

You don’t have to acquire an MBA or a large selection of certifications to find the right executive role. Remember, two of the wealthiest executives that ever lived, Carlos Slim and Bill Gates, don’t have these credentials. The important thing is to utilize your skills and abilities to demonstrate your professional experience and expertise.

Ruling Out Opportunities Carelessly

Don’t overthink the job description you read. Treat the ad as an ideal. In many cases, the description is a wish list of what businesses want in a new executive, but there are only a few requirements that are absolutely essential. Don’t take yourself out of the running without evaluating the situation carefully. Once you know the specifics, you can begin writing a professional resume that targets these desired traits.

Executive resume writing services can help you create a resume to highlight your unique skills and abilities. Using these professional services can help you stand out from other candidates seeking the same executive level position.

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Written by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW - Visit the website to hire executive resume writer Erin Kennedy, CERW, CPRW

Erin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services.

Professional Resume Services resumes that get you hired

Don’t let your job search lag during winter! Here’s how you can stay on track.

It can be very tempting to shut down, or slow down, your job search during the winter months. When you get caught up in the holiday season, it can seem like you just don’t have enough time to put the effort you need into searching for your perfect job. However, companies generally do not stop hiring just because it’s the holidays, so now is not the time for you to stop creating perfect resumes that get you hired. Here are five things to keep in mind while you are on your job hunt.

1. Use Social Events to Your Advantage

You don’t have to rely solely on professional networking events in order to make business connections. Any conversation could lead to work-related topics, so you always need to have a professional mindset to be ready if the opportunity arises. Don’t discount the people you know, from casual friends to industry colleagues. You never know where a conversation could lead, and who your associates might know.

2. Reacquaint Yourself With Contacts

Go through your list of contacts and get in touch with people you may not have spoken to in a while. This could include friends, family and former co-workers. Catch up with them and let them know you are looking for a job. They might be able to help put you in touch with someone they know. Again, the power of networking is phenomenal. While it’s easy to underestimate the people you know on a less-than-professional basis, you never want to brush them off completely.

3. Commit to Your Job Search

The winter months can make it difficult to get motivated. The gray, gloomy days can take the drive out of networking or job searching. To stay committed and motivated, try visiting one of the top rated resume writing services. You just might find the motivation you need to keep moving if you’re able to craft a few quality resumes that get you hired. At the very least, you may receive some important advice toward your resume or other qualifying documents that will aid you as you continue your job search later on.

4. Get Direct

As you’ve navigated your job search, you’ve likely often wondered, “How do I create the most effective executive resume?” However, the key to landing a great new job involves far more than just drawing up an excellent resume! You’ve spent so long in your industry that you undoubtedly have quite a few powerful connections under your belt. Use them to get directly in touch with the people in charge of the companies you’re hoping to work for! Getting in touch with an executive for the company is a great way of proving your initiative, which employers like to see. This may very well work in your favor in other ways, as most people slow down their job hunting during holiday months and research shows nearly half of people who’ve reached out to hiring managers and other executives managed to get the job.

5. Broaden Your Perspectives

Don’t limit yourself to only certain jobs when you’re on your search. At the same time, you also don’t want to apply to just any job. While the vast majority of executive positions are highly specialized, the skills involved can easily carry over into other positions that could fit you just as well. Finding a good balance is key when you’re on your winter job search. You could visit some top rated resume services to help tailor your resume to your different skill sets. That way it will be more targeted to the particular position you’re applying for.

Your winter job hunt shouldn’t slow down around the holidays. If you’re stuck in a rut and are having a hard time getting motivated, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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Written by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW - Visit the website to hire executive resume writer Erin Kennedy, CERW, CPRW

Erin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services.

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These skills are sure to aid you in your job search.

As an executive professional, you’ve undoubtedly picked up several skills throughout your career—so many, in fact, that you may not know where to start in listing them on your resume! However, if you’re looking for a new executive position, some skills are more beneficial to your hiring prospects than others. Here are a few skills that can help you with any job search.

1. Writing

You’re going to have to do some form of writing at just about any job you get. As a result, strong writing skills will benefit you no matter what job search route you take. If writing is your strong suit, you can showcase it on your executive LinkedIn profile by attaching some of your best reports to your page. Be sure to check that you aren’t bound by an NDAs before you do this, however; while you want to show off your strengths, you don’t want to divulge sensitive information in the process. To get around this, you can always draw up a mock report instead.

2. Project Management

If you’ve shown the ability to manage both large and small projects in the workforce, you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the game. The best resume writing services will ask you about your project management experience first because it’s a skill employers look at very seriously. Project management takes multitasking, the ability to rein others in and encourage teamwork to complete a task and much more. Listing this ability will prove you’re worth your salt as an executive.

3. Leadership

You will have a hard time finding an executive-level job if you don’t have any leadership experience. Employers want to hire someone who is independent and can help guide others on the team. If you’re able to display some examples on your executive LinkedIn profile, you’ll look impressive to hiring executives.

4. Advanced Office Management

A competent expert can ultimately help workflow improve the office by streamlining how the staff carries out their day-to-day activities. This skill ties in closely to leadership and project management, mentioned above. When you talk to a cover letter writing service, be sure and tell them what type of office skills you have so they can help you paint the best picture on your cover letter and resume. Anyone can say they have office skills, but giving concrete examples will make your experience stand out among the rest.

5. Multilingual

Speaking multiple languages fluently is great for business today. You may not have learned different languages in order to land your dream job, but it will definitely help you out in the long run. Companies looking to expand globally need multilingual employees and executives. Be sure to provide examples on your resume or cover letter.

These are just some of the most optimal general skills to help with any job search. If you’re having a hard time coming up with your best skills, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you find your strengths.

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Written by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW - Visit the website to hire executive resume writer Erin Kennedy, CERW, CPRW

Erin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services.

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Avoid these mistakes to make the most of your next networking event!

As an executive, you have been in the workforce for many years. Therefore, you know the importance of  make the most out of networking events as you search for new opportunities. Networking events present people with amazing opportunities to get to know recruiters and learn more about different companies. However, it can be easy to botch a networking event if you make any of these common errors.

1. Going in Unprepared

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “How do I create the most effective executive resume?” Even if you have a plethora of experience to add, you may find yourself struggling with knowing where to start and what’s most important to include. Once you find the answer to that question, you can take that initial step into being prepared for your networking event. If you try to use your old resume, you likely won’t find much success and will just be wasting your time. If you find you need help updating and organizing your resume properly, you can always get in touch with a resume writing service.

2. Not Treating Networking Events as Interviews

Colleagues will ask you questions when you’re at a networking event. This is by design, because a networking event is essentially an initial interview and a chance to make a great first impression. Just like you, businesses are trying to find a good match. Now would be the time to brush up on your LinkedIn profile development, because recruiters could (and will) check out your profile right after speaking with you. It never hurts to cover all of your bases. Linkedin is also a great way to do a little digital networking in your spare time.

3. You Don’t Accurately Represent Your Skills

You know all the most important elements to include on a resume. The hard part is figuring out how it all ties into the position you’re seeking with a company. Tailoring your resume for specific positions is a vital aspect of c-level personal branding. It’s not enough to simply list out all of your accomplishments, but to do so with the goals of the company in mind. Think about how you could benefit them and how your skills match their objectives, and you’ll go that much farther come the day of the networking event.

4. Not Visiting With Other Employers

Don’t be laser focused on one or two company employees at a networking event. You may be passing up a great opportunity that was right in front of you! At least shake hands with other executives and strike up conversations with them. They may not have an opening for your position now, but that could change at any time.

5. Not Doing Homework

This may go without saying, but people in the industry talk to each other. It’s likely that your colleagues already know about you, so you need to return the favor. This could start with getting to know the company’s executives on  LinkedIn, but you also need to research information about the specifics of the company. Don’t hesitate to really dig in and learn as much about the companies you’re interested in as you can. The more you know about them and their mission and values, the more productive your meetings and small talk will be at these networking events.

6. Expecting Immediate Results and Accommodation

As an executive, there’s no doubt you’re extremely experienced and qualified for the positions at this networking event. However, you’re not the only one. Yes, you’ve accomplished a lot over the course of your career, but you should never let your achievements go to your head in the middle of a professional event! Remember: you’re up against some stiff competition. Going into the networking event expecting a job right off the bat because of your credentials is a recipe for major self-sabotage. Be humble, be gracious and be open. Try to meet as many new contacts as possible, and stay in touch with them. Even if you don’t get a job right off the bat, going to this event could lead to a new and satisfying position down the road.

Networking events are great resources to find job opportunities you may not have known were even out there. When you’re ready to attend a networking event, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help preparing so you don’t make these mistakes or others.

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Written by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW - Visit the website to hire executive resume writer Erin Kennedy, CERW, CPRW

Erin is an internationally renowned certified resume writer specializing in professional and executive level resumes and career services.

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