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Social Networking and Your Job Search

 Social networking is one of the fastest growing forms of communication and advertisement. It helps to connect people, including co-workers with each other and employers with their employees. It is also a great way for employers to examine potential employees. In order to have the best odds at getting a job you need to take… Read more »

Pinterest and Your Career Portfolio

Social media sites are an effective way to brand and market your work. Pinterest is one such site where you can create boards onto which you can pin examples of your work. It is especially effective for those with visual careers such as filmmaking, fashion, illustration, photography, or graphic or product design. A group of… Read more »

Should I Pay For a Professional Resume?

We all recognize how important it is to make a good first impression when applying for a job. The way your resume looks, the content that it contains, and the way that it is presented to a potential employer could be the difference between getting your resume read, or tossed into the trash. If you… Read more »

Can I Use Social Media To Enhance My Career?

Social media is a massive part of many of our lives now that using it seems almost second nature. Whether we are liking Facebook statuses, tweeting our friends or sending photos via Tumblr, we are all used to making the most of social networking. In fact, we also know that it can help us to… Read more »

Putting the Right Social Media Face First

Face-to-face networking is incredibly important, and if you know your way around, then you have a distinct advantage over much of your competition. You’re making a serious mistake if you do not have a social media presence or if you skip social media sites all together. If you’ve neglected to create a social media presence,… Read more »

Targeting Your Resume to Get the Results You Want

Even if you have an excellent resume, it still may not be targeted to find the right kind of work for you. What can you do to increase the number of responses you get from employers? Customization is Key! Blasting your resume out for every position you see won’t help you find the right job…. Read more »

Why Executives Earn Every Penny They're Paid

Why Executives Earn Every Penny They’re Paid It’s pretty easy to sit back in your cubicle and envy the executives in your office. From your point of view, it looks as if they get paid the big bucks without really doing much work! The truth, however, is that executives actually earn every penny they are… Read more »

How to Take the Plunge and Start Your Own Business

January is the time of year when lots of ambitious entrepreneurs decide to start their business. Starting a business can be a risky proposition, but it’s always exciting to start out on your own and let yourself be the one making the decisions. In order to have a successful business venture you need the right… Read more »