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Announcing A New Service: The Resume Critique

One of the challenges with writing your own resume and cover letter is the nagging suspicion that you missed something. After all, even if you are an excellent writer, you probably don’t write resumes and cover letters professionally.  If you have been submitting your well-written resume with no results, that nagging suspicion strengthens into a… Read more »

Is A DIY Resume A Good Idea?

We live in a time when you can find all kinds of Do-It-Yourself advice for pretty much anything you could pay someone to do for you. Sometimes, it actually is a good idea to do something yourself, but the trick is to be honest about it. If you are thinking of writing your own resume,… Read more »

Do You Have Too Much Information?

When you are writing a resume you are in the mindset of showing yourself off and you want to make sure that your potential employers know all the impressive things about you that can get you the job. Unfortunately, adding all those impressive skills, experiences, and accomplishments could fill up your resume with too much… Read more »

Make A Good First Impression

Searching and applying for jobs is not enough to ensure land the job. You must make a good first impression in order to get the job, and in most cases you are going to have two opportunities to make a first impression to a potential employer. The first, your cover letter. Your cover letter is essentially… Read more »

Should I Pay For a Professional Resume?

We all recognize how important it is to make a good first impression when applying for a job. The way your resume looks, the content that it contains, and the way that it is presented to a potential employer could be the difference between getting your resume read, or tossed into the trash. If you… Read more »

How to Land that Job!

In today’s current era of technology, social media, choppy economies, and 14-year-old executives, it pays to learn the job search process. Anyone, whether employed or not, can benefit from learning how to streamline the job search process. With over 40,000 websites and companies competing to offer job search services, it is easy to get confused…. Read more »

Do You Have Transferable Skills?

What are transferable skills? They are the skills and abilities that transfer from job to job no matter which position you have held in the past. One of the things that make these skills so valuable is that they can be used in such a wide array of work settings. For instance, everyone needs problem… Read more »

What Do You Do Before The Resume?

Most job applicants today believe that they should first write their resumes in order for them to land a career. Yes, resumes are truly important and highly critical in one’s professional/corporate success. It plays a significant role for someone to achieve their career goals. But, writing your resume is not the first step. What you… Read more »