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How to Look for a New Job Without Tipping off Your Current Boss

Looking for a new job without tipping off your current boss requires a little thought and planning. There may be reasons you want your boss to know you are looking for a different job – maybe your company is undergoing downsizing and is encouraging some employees to leave, or your boss knows that your spouse… Read more »

If you want to be successful, dress the part

It’s an old adage, and it’s true: there are no second chances when it comes to first impressions. Your interviewer will make on-the-spot judgments about your capabilities within the first few minutes of meeting you, based almost entirely on your personal appearance. Negative initial impressions will be difficult if not impossible to reverse during the… Read more »

Can I lie on my resume… just a little?

In 2007, Marilee Jones, called the “most celebrated Admissions Dean in America” resigned from MIT — the reason? A lie on her 1979 job application, fabricating several degrees. In 2006, David Edmondson stepped down as Radio Shack’s CEO, after he was caught lying about his academic record —again, claiming degrees that he didn’t earn. Lying… Read more »

Getting a good reference… regardless of the circumstance

Employee references can be the linchpin of a successful job search. If you nailed the resume, cover letter, phone interview and in-person interview, then it comes down to your references. There’s no worse feeling than worrying that your references are sub-par, average or even detrimental. When a person’s made it so far in the job… Read more »

Answering the Question, "What are your salary requirements?"

ANSWERING THE QUESTION: “WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENTS?” Let’s look at what you should do if salary comes up in the early stages of the interview: “First, YOU SHOULD NEVER BRING THE TOPIC UP! Never, never, never bring up salary questions until you have a JOB OFFER! But, if they bring it up, you have… Read more »