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Is Having the Wrong References Holding your Job Search Back?

Having many interviews with nothing to show for it can be one of the most frustrating things to have to go through. You’re so close to getting a job offer but it just never materializes. If you can get interviews then there’s probably nothing wrong with your job-hunting strategy, your resume or cover letter. The… Read more »

Advantages of Focusing on a Specific Type of Position

Once you’re unemployed, it can be tempting to go for that easy job that has nothing to do with your field. But maybe you should not be looking for just any job because the right one could be just around the corner. If you are trained in a certain field, it may be hard to… Read more »

What Separates Good Resumes from Bad Resumes?

Resumes mean so much to hiring managers. It’s your first introduction to a prospective employer and it’s how you differentiate yourself. But what separates the bad resumes from the good ones? The best resumes avoid abbreviations. Abbreviations are not professional nor are they accepted. Nothing makes HR managers cringe more than seeing sentences like the… Read more »

The Trainability Factors: Creating a Resume That Speaks Beyond Your Skills

Today’s post is by guest blogger, Kenneth McCall. Read more about Ken at the end of the article. +++ When people hear the words “easy to train”, the first thing that often comes to mind is a household pet. But believe it or not, the phrase applies to people too. And it is especially relevant… Read more »

Errors on a Resume – How Important Are They?

Job hunting is not anyone’s favorite thing to do. Neither is writing a resume either, unless you do it for a living. So when you find errors on your resume after you’ve sent it, how important are they?  This just happened to a friend of mine. No sooner had her finger hit ‘send’, did she… Read more »

How to Deal With (and prevent) Discrimination Against Primary Caregivers

It seems unbelievable to me that Americans are still faced with employment discrimination when we there are so many other options available. While once rampant discrimination was perpetrated based on race, sex or religious affiliation, today one of the worst forms of discrimination is discrimination against primary caregivers (a.k.a. parents and children of sick/aging parents)…. Read more »

Introvert or Extrovert? Tips for Job Search No Matter Which 'Vert' You Are

**I am a member of the Career Collective, a group of resume writers and career coaches.  Each month, all members discuss a certain topic.  This month, we are talking about networking and job search whether  you are introverted or extroverted. Please follow our tweets on Twitter #careercollective.  You can also view the other member’s interesting… Read more »

How have social media sites changed the job hunt?

Social media is changing the landscape of how people relate to each other. Before the advent of keeping track of people online, it was harder to maintain an extended network. Now, it’s possible to catalog all the people you’ve known through previous jobs – and to keep in touch with them as well, which is… Read more »