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Does a Tailored Resume Make a Difference?

Instead of just sending out a generic resume, today’s job candidates need to take the time to tailor their resume to fit every job being applied for. While this may make the application process take longer, it will be well worth the effort in the long run. Here are a few tips to tailor your resume and help make the application process… Read more »

Are Career Objectives Really Important?

If you were to ask career counselors if a career objective is worth merit, half of them would say yes. Those arguing against objectives will say they are too limiting and usually poorly constructed. Those in favor will say that employers want to be able to determine quickly what you can do for the company… Read more »

How to Land that Job!

In today’s current era of technology, social media, choppy economies, and 14-year-old executives, it pays to learn the job search process. Anyone, whether employed or not, can benefit from learning how to streamline the job search process. With over 40,000 websites and companies competing to offer job search services, it is easy to get confused…. Read more »

What Do You Do Before The Resume?

Most job applicants today believe that they should first write their resumes in order for them to land a career. Yes, resumes are truly important and highly critical in one’s professional/corporate success. It plays a significant role for someone to achieve their career goals. But, writing your resume is not the first step. What you… Read more »

How To Get Your Resume Past Resume Screening Software

Did you ever consider that the resume you just sent to a prospective company would have computer software that screens your resume before any human person can see it? More companies are using these types of software due to the sheer number of applicants per job opening. Automated resume screeners or applicant tracking systems are… Read more »

How To Find Reputable Resume Writing Services

With so many people out of working and vying for all the available positions, many are tweaking their resumes, executives included. For some, cleaning up an old resume is easy to do. For others, they prefer to have professional resume writers do the work for them. So, how do you know which company to go… Read more »

Developing a Targeted Resume

The days of having a generic, all-purpose resume has been replaced by the need for highly developed, targeted resumes. Now you must tailor make your resume to fit into the job description offered by the employer. Targeted resumes aren’t just a necessity, they are critical to you finding long term employment. Targeted resumes put forth… Read more »

What is the Best Way to Connect with Social Media Peers

Finding the right Social Media balance takes more than just knowing how to update your profiles. Firing off quick Twitter updates or Facebook comments will not get you noticed on job boards or help you find open positions. If you’re not receiving the right kind of attention through Social Media, you should change your strategy…. Read more »