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Inadvertent Resume Errors

  While you are cautioned to check your resume for factual errors, sometimes inadvertent errors get introduced. This can happen, especially when someone else is editing or critiquing your resume. The information on your resume is used for more than assessing whether you’re fit for a position. Once you are hired, this information may find… Read more »

What are the pros and cons of using Google+?

(Guest post by Maria Rainier who blogs about education and online degrees)   Google+ may not yet possess the charms necessary to attract the hundreds of millions of users boasted by its competitors, but it still has strong features to woo users who give the service a chance. As a social networking service, Google+ strikes… Read more »

What are the Keys for Finding the Job You Want?

  Do you ever feel like you’re just treading water? Do you get the feeling that the job you have is not the career you want? Working a job that is not a good fit for you can leave you frustrated, unfulfilled and unchallenged in your work. If this sounds like you, then it may… Read more »

Tips for Executives: Finding Jobs the Right Way

One of the biggest mistakes that an executive could make while looking for a position is treating their job search as if they were still a manager. When you reach the level of an executive, you’ve entered into another world, so you have to treat your job search just like that. This means focusing on… Read more »

What Do HR Managers look for in Executive Level Talent?

HR Managers like to develop relationships with potential executive candidates long before the candidate is even considering another job. But, you still have to find the right HR Manager who will help you on your job hunt. Human Resource professionals know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to recruiting executive level talent…. Read more »

Men on Paternity Leave?

When the U.S, government passed laws in 2006 enacting the new parent-rights portions of the Work and Families Act, they extended pay and leave for new parents, including men on paternity leave. Working dads have been eligible for up to two weeks of paid leave since 2003, but the new measures extend these benefits. Statutory… Read more »

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

For any newbies to social networking, it might seem unusual to use a site such as Twitter to find a job. However, many people can find the right contacts on Twitter to help them to find a job–but it can be a little complicated in 140 characters or less? When using Twitter as a job… Read more »

Are You Overqualified for the Job You Want?

Looking for a job is not always fun, and you need a good resume to help you along in the process. Here’s an important question to consider—does your resume give the impression that you are overqualified for the job you want? Or, are you truly overqualified to get the job that your heart desires? Having… Read more »