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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Employment

When you’re out of work, you need to use every advantage you can think of to increase your chances of finding a job. With today’s fluctuating job market, there are more people applying for the leftover jobs than there are jobs available. This makes finding a job incredibly difficult. Of course there are some things… Read more »

Resume Tips That Set You Apart From Your Peers

Your resume is your marketing tool for success. You need to be able to advertise your skills and ability to succeed with your prospective employer. The format and feel of your resume can either open doors or close them, often this feeling can make people question why they didn’t get the interview or thinking they… Read more »

Women Going Back to Work After a Baby

Many women choose to stay at home for several years after having children. While this time frame varies, it always creates a period of time during which you had no ‘real’ job. Once a mother is ready to go back to work, one of the first problems they face in deciding how to write a… Read more »

Should You Call a Company After You Sent Your Resume?

You’ve been looking everywhere for, not just a job, but a career, you want to do something with yourself that enables you to pay your bills but also provides a purpose. But, that’s harder than you imagined in an economy that is only slowly making its way back. There is no ‘one size fits all’… Read more »

Posting Your Resume Online

In this new digital age, more and more employers are turning to the Internet for their hiring needs. Whether posting open positions on a company owned website, utilizing job boards or social media, job seekers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of understanding how to post resumes online. Because of the various formats that… Read more »

Cover Letters: Are They Needed Anymore?

Contrary to the occasional rant about them, cover letters never go out of style. In fact, they should be considered one of the most important elements of the job seeking process. Unlike the resume, a rather cut and dried dissertation on your experience and training, the cover letter is your chance to convey more than… Read more »

Men: Making the decision to stay at home

Men making the decision to stay at home have become a more common decision these days, with extended paternal leave benefits, and partners who are making as much or more money than their spouses. Stay-at-home fathers are more accepted nowadays too, socially, with more men making the decision with their spouses that the family as… Read more »

How to Get Employers to Call You Back

How many times have you found yourself in this situation: several days prior, you had an interview.  It seemed to go well and the interviewer informed you that they would ‘get back to you.’  You went home, excited, but as the days passed with no call, you begin to question every aspect of the interviewing,… Read more »