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Keywords vs Cliches — The Branding Debate

How often are you told you need a LinkedIn Profile that is keyword rich, then you read an article on LinkedIn that tells you, “Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself“? The main thrust of the article is that the keywords generally are cliches and should be left out of your branding vocabulary. However,… Read more »

What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You

Since a lot of businesses now use the internet to check potential employees, it’s very important to know what your personal brand says about you. So, how do you do that. For starters, search for your own name on Google to see what comes up about you. Sometimes, there will even be other people with… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Personal Brand

  Social Media has dramatically changed the job landscape. Today’s job seekers must remake themselves as a brand. Think of McDonald’s golden arches or Ford’s iconic script logo. People remember these brands because they set themselves apart from the rest. People don’t settle for any old hamburger when they know what they will get at… Read more »

Executive Resume Branding

If you aren’t living under a rock, you have been hearing lots of buzz about “branding“. So, what exactly IS branding and how will it help my executive resume? What will it do for me? With the tight job market today, and thousands of qualified senior level candidates, employers can afford to be picky. How… Read more »

What Does an Expert Executive Resume Writer Offer?

Anyone can write a resume with basic components in it. However, since many people have this strategy, you’ll have a hard time standing out among the large pool of applicants for any given job. The keys to writing an effective resume today are different than they were several years ago. So if you haven’t been… Read more »

How to Make Your Social Networking Work for You, Not Against You

Networking has changed in many different ways over the last several years. Nowadays, many people who attend actual networking events are already familiar with the people in attendance, even though they’ve never actually met before. The power of social networking is phenomenal and plays a significant role in c-level personal branding. Everything you do online… Read more »

4 Reasons Why a Professional Executive Resume Writer is Worth the Investment

A resume today is perceived differently than it was several years ago. Your resume should not only highlight your past achievements. It should also clearly demonstrate why you are equipped to handle the particular job you’re applying for. This means the days of writing one general resume and sending it out to multiple employers are… Read more »

The Relationship Between Networking and Referrals

As a job candidate, you have to know what works and what doesn’t work with your job search to ensure you make progress every single day. One of the most effective strategies for any job search is networking. With quality c-level personal branding, networking can lead you to many new connections, as well as the… Read more »