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Is Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

You hear the word “networking” in a positive light most of the time, but think about it: Who are you networking with? If every conversation is gossip or complaining, then it has an effect on the way you think and act. In addition to how it affects you, there’s an effect on how your employer… Read more »

When Is Your Digital Birthday? Why Should You Care?

Have you seen a sonogram of a pregnancy in a friend’s announcement online? That sonogram is the beginning of a particular child’s digital footprint, before they are born. Similarly, every time someone posts a cute picture, mentions their name, and shares a funny video of the child, their digital footprint expands. This is the beginning… Read more »

Are You Ready For A Resume Package?

This is the time of year when packages are everywhere. From the shipping packages going past in the delivery trucks to the packages wrapped in fancy paper with a bow on top, you are going to see more of them as the month progresses. But what is a package, really? A package is a promise… Read more »

The Secret Advantage Of Social Media

Did you know that your use of social media can get you hired? (It can also get you fired but that’s a different subject.) Your online presence and social media connectivity is an increasing factor in how potential employers fill openings. This recent article on Mashable caught my eye with the title, “Job Seekers Recruited… Read more »

Avoiding Red Flags When Updating Your Professional Resume

One of the red flags an interviewer looks for is inconsistency in your information. If you have updated your professional resume, take the time to look at your cover letter and online information carefully to make sure they all match. I’m not saying to keep a falsehood consistent because lying is never a good idea,… Read more »

Can Social Networking Get You Fired?

It is increasingly common for stories like this one about a bus driver fired over Facebook postings to show up on newsfeeds. Whether or not you agree with the practice, the reality is that your social media usage has a very public side. When you think about it, the Internet is like a public park… Read more »

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Complete?

LinkedIn, as well as other forms of social networking and online branding, is a great tool for getting your name out there to employers. But in order for LinkedIn to work for you, then you need to make sure your profile is complete and written in a way that supports your career goals. Here are… Read more »

2011 Midpoint: Examining the Job Market

The job market has seen it’s share of ups and downs, but how does everything look at the halfway point in the year? Finding the right career means staying on top of the latest studies and trends about employment, salaries, and the behavior of employers. Here are four career-related studies you should definitely follow –… Read more »