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Is Your Executive Online Brand Strong Enough?

As important as a well-crafted executive resume is, it’s far from being the one component of your brand that will help you stand out. The times have changed significantly over the last decade or so, and the importance of personal branding for senior level managers has never been higher. This is especially true when it… Read more »

The Top Ways to Safeguard Your Executive Online Brand

You can significantly help your executive job search if you have a positive online brand. Many employers today will do an online search for a candidate’s name. If you have a lot of negative things about you, or don’t have much of an online presence, you’ll hurt your chances of landing an interview. The importance… Read more »

Working From Home Means Online Branding

When you work from home, most of the impression you make with business contacts is online. Most of the way you get your paycheck is online, too, unless you make something to sell at a market somewhere.  But even in that case, how are they finding your booth at the market? Do your customers ask… Read more »

3 Reasons You Might Need Help With Online Branding

Online branding is hard to avoid if you are going to be involved with society. It’s actually happening whether or not you want it to, because some of your information is probably online already. Don’t believe me? Try doing a search on your name — I’ll wait. This is why you need to “own” your… Read more »

Why You Need To "Own" Your Online Brand

              Even if you have no plans to run a business, you have an online brand: it is the persona the internet world perceives you to be. What comes up when your name is put in a search engine? Are you on social media with embarrassing pictures? Why would… Read more »

Online Branding: Why You Should Do It Before You Need It

Nowadays, the most successful marketing campaigns are those that extend beyond traditional forms of marketing (print, radio, even TV) and into internet and online marketing and branding. The same is true about personal branding. In order to have the most successful marketing of yourself, you need to focus a lot on branding yourself online. And… Read more »

5 Tips to Boost Your Online Personal Brand with LinkedIn

Spending time on LinkedIn profile development can set you up for success in many different ways. One of the main benefits of LinkedIn is it gives you a platform to demonstrate your personal brand. Too many executives believe they don’t need to focus on their online brand since they have a good reputation within their… Read more »